Camera Support

Understanding How Dragonframe Uses Your Camera

When shooting animation, Dragonframe will create two separate image sequences in tandem:
  • The first is a series low-resolution frames derived from a live video source for use in refining animation. We call this the video assist.
  • The second is from a high-quality capture source, such as RAW files from a DSLR, for final frames.
These image sequences are kept in perfect tandem during shooting and editing within Dragonframe. This process takes particular advantage of DSLR Live View capabilities. Dragonframe can use the DSLR’s live view to provide a video assist for animation, then capture a full-resolution still image every time you shoot a frame.
USB from camera provides live view, camera settings, and high-resolution still image capture.

Choosing the Right Camera

To have the best experience animating, you need to have the right camera. Choose a camera that Dragonframe supports, and that has live view and camera control over USB. We recommend Canon EOS models, and the majority of professional work is done with them. The mirrorless Canon EOS (R, RP) and Nikon Z series are both great options for stop motion animation. Supported models from Sony and Olympus are also very good options.

Canon EOS R / RP – Stop Motion Animation Firmware

For high quality, professional stop motion work, we recommend the Canon EOS R or RP with stop motion animation firmware. These models have a massive 1920 x 1280 live view over USB, as well as new focus peaking capabilities.

Setup and Troubleshooting

Find your camera in the list below. Follow the Setup link to find setup instructions specific to your camera. If your camera is on our supported list (below):
  • Follow the setup instructions for it, thoroughly.
  • Make sure your version of the software supports the camera.
  • Make sure your software is up to date. Use the program’s Preferences : Updates to check.
  • Review our Camera FAQs for answers to common camera issues.
  • Contact support if you still need help.
If your camera is not on the list, then it does not work with Dragonframe. There may be options to get some type of capturing, but the experience won’t be very good. We strongly recommend finding a camera on the list if you are serious about stop motion animation. See the Camera FAQs for more information about unsupported cameras.

Supported Cameras

MakerModelLive ViewDSM2DF3DF4Setup
CanonEOS R960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS R (Stop Motion Firmware)1920 x 1280------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS RP960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS RP (Stop Motion Firmware)1920 x 1280------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS R5960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS R6960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 1D Mark III1024 x 6802.
CanonEOS 1Ds Mark III1024 x 6802.
CanonEOS 1D Mark IV1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS 1D X960 x 640---
CanonEOS 1D X Mark II960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 1D X Mark III960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 1D C960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 5D---2.3.8------Setup
CanonEOS 5D Mark II1024 x 6802.
CanonEOS 5D Mark III960 x 640---
CanonEOS 5D Mark IV960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 5Ds960 x 640---
CanonEOS 5Ds R960 x 640---
CanonEOS 6D960 x 640---
CanonEOS 6D Mark II960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 7D1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS 7D Mark II960 x 640---
CanonEOS 20D---2.3.8------Setup
CanonEOS 30D---2.3.8------Setup
CanonEOS 40D1024 x 6802.
CanonEOS 50D1024 x 6802.
CanonEOS 60D1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS 60Da1056 x 704---
CanonEOS 70D960 x 640---
CanonEOS 77D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 80D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 90D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 100D960 x 640---
CanonEOS Rebel SL1960 x 640---
CanonEOS Kiss X7960 x 640---
CanonEOS 200D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel SL2960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss X9960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 250D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel SL3960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss X10960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 200D Mark II960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 300D/Digital Rebel---2.3.8------Setup
CanonEOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT---2.3.8------Setup
CanonEOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi---2.3.8------Setup
CanonEOS 450D858 x 5602.
CanonEOS Rebel XSi858 x 5602.
CanonEOS Kiss X2858 x 5602.
CanonEOS 500D928 x 6162.
CanonEOS Rebel T1i928 x 6162.
CanonEOS Kiss X3928 x 6162.
CanonEOS 550D1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS Rebel T2i1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS Kiss X41056 x 7042.
CanonEOS 600D1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS Rebel T3i1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS Kiss X51056 x 7042.
CanonEOS 650D960 x 640---
CanonEOS Rebel T4i960 x 640---
CanonEOS Kiss X6i960 x 640---
CanonEOS 700D960 x 640---
CanonEOS Rebel T5i960 x 640---
CanonEOS Kiss X7i960 x 640---
CanonEOS 750D960 x 640---
CanonEOS Rebel T6i960 x 640---
CanonEOS Kiss X8i960 x 640---
CanonEOS 760D960 x 640---
CanonEOS Rebel T6s960 x 640---
CanonEOS 8000D960 x 640---
CanonEOS 800D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel T7i960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss X9i960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 850D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel T8i960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss X10i960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 1000D768 x 5122.
CanonEOS Rebel XS768 x 5122.
CanonEOS Kiss F768 x 5122.
CanonEOS 1100D1056 x 7042.
CanonEOS Rebel T31056 x 7042.
CanonEOS Kiss X501056 x 7042.
CanonEOS 1200D1056 x 704---
CanonEOS Rebel T51056 x 704---
CanonEOS Kiss X701056 x 704---
CanonEOS 1300D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel T6960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss X80960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 2000D1056 x 704------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 1500D1056 x 704------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel T71056 x 704------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 4000D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS 3000D960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Rebel T100960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS M6 Mark II960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS M50960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss M960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS M50 Mark II960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS Kiss M2960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
CanonEOS M200960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmGFX 50S1024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmGFX 50R1024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmGFX1001024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmX-T1640 x 480------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmX-T21024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmX-T31024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmX-T41024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmX-Pro21024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
FujifilmX-H11024 x 768------4.2.5Setup
NikonD3640 x 4262.
NikonD3X640 x 4262.
NikonD3S640 x 4262.
NikonD4640 x 426---
NikonD4S640 x 426---
NikonD51024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonZ51024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonZ61024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonZ6 II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonZ71024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonZ7 II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonZ501024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonD90640 x 4262.
NikonD300640 x 4262.
NikonD300S640 x 4262.
NikonD500640 x 426------4.2.5Setup
NikonD600640 x 426---
NikonD610640 x 426---
NikonD700640 x 4262.
NikonD750640 x 426---
NikonD7801024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonD800640 x 426---
NikonD800e640 x 426---
NikonD810640 x 426---
NikonD8501024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonD3200640 x 424---
NikonD3300640 x 424---
NikonD3400640 x 424------4.2.5Setup
NikonD3500640 x 426------4.2.5Setup
NikonD5000640 x 4262.
NikonD5100640 x 426---
NikonD5200640 x 426---
NikonD5300640 x 426---
NikonD5500640 x 426---
NikonD5600640 x 426------4.2.5Setup
NikonD7000640 x 4262.
NikonD7100640 x 426---
NikonD7200640 x 426---
NikonD75001024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
NikonDf640 x 426---
OlympusOM-D E-M11280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
OlympusOM-D E-M1 Mark II1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
OlympusOM-D E-M1 Mark III1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
OlympusOM-D E-M1X1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
OlympusOM-D E-M5 Mark II1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DMC-GH4HDMI------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX8HDMI------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DC-S1640 x 432------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DC-S1R640 x 432------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DC-S1H640 x 432------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DC-S5640 x 432------4.2 DevSetup
PanasonicLumix DC-GH5640 x 480------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DC-GH5S640 x 480------4.2.5Setup
PanasonicLumix DC-G9640 x 480------4.2.5Setup
PentaxKP720 x 480------4.2.5Setup
PentaxK-1720 x 480------4.2.5Setup
PentaxK-1 Mark II720 x 480------4.2.5Setup
Pentax645Z720 x 480------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A11024 x 680------4.2 DevSetup
SonyFX31024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A91024 x 576------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A9 II1024 x 576------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7HDMI------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7 II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7 III1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7RHDMI------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7R II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7R III1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7R IV1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7S1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7S II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7S III1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A7C1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A77 II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A99 II1024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A5000HDMI------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A5100HDMI------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A6000HDMI------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A61001024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A63001024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A64001024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A65001024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
SonyAlpha A66001024 x 680------4.2.5Setup
XimeaxiQ1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
XimeaxiC1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
XimeaxiMu1280 x 960------4.2.5Setup
AppleiPhone960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
AppleiPad960 x 640------4.2.5Setup
ARRIALEXA MiniHDMI------4.2.5Setup
ARRIALEXA LFHDMI------4.2.5Setup
BlackmagicUltraStudio Recorder 3G (Thunderbolt 3)via Thunderbolt 3---
BlackmagicCinema Camera (Thunderbolt)via Thunderbolt---
BlackmagicProduction Camera 4K (Thunderbolt)via Thunderbolt---
BlackmagicIntensity Extreme (Thunderbolt)via Thunderbolt---
BlackmagicIntensity Pro (PCI)via PCI---
BlackmagicUltraStudio Express (Thunderbolt)via Thunderbolt---
BlackmagicUltraStudio MiniRecorder (Thunderbolt)via Thunderbolt---
BlackmagicIntensity Shuttle (USB3)via USB3------4.2.5Setup
LogitechBRIO1920 x 10802.
LogitechBRIO 4K3840 x 2160------4.2.5Setup
LogitechC9201920 x 10802.
LogitechC9221920 x 10802.
LogitechC9301920 x 10802.