blackmagic intensity extreme

Blackmagic Intensity Extreme
Blackmagic Intensity Extreme
Blackmagic Intensity Extreme setup instructions for stop motion animation or time-lapse photography with Dragonframe

Supported Versions

Requires Dragonframe 3.7.4 or newer. (4.x, 5.x, 2024.x are newer).

Live View

The Blackmagic Intensity Extreme provides a live video stream over its Thunderbolt connection.

Camera Settings

Dragonframe does not control this camera's settings.

HDMI Capture

This Blackmagic device is not a camera, but a device for capturing HDMI (or SDI) into a form your computer can use.

It is useful for providing a video assist from another camera, but will not trigger high-resolution on it.

Setup Instructions

  1. Create a new scene or open an existing scene. (Dragonframe will not connect to your camera unless you have a scene open.)
  2. Make sure you have the latest Blackmagic Desktop Video software installed. Dragonframe won't detect your device without it.
  3. Connect the device to your computer via a Thunderbolt cable.
  4. In Dragonframe's Preferences | Capture, select Enable Blackmagic module and restart Dragonframe.
  5. You may need to configure the device Input and Connection to match your camera's output. You can do this through the Capture | Video Settings... screen in Dragonframe.
  6. macOS Note: If you have installed the Blackmagic Desktop Video software, and the device is connected, but the computer doesn't detect it, check System Preferences | Security and Privacy | General to see if the application has been blocked.
  7. Proceed to the Cinematography workspace to adjust the camera settings, check focus, and take test shots.