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Dragonframe Master Controller

The DMC-32 (Dragonframe Master Controller) is a 32 axis motion control coordinator for use with Dragonframe software.

It provides 32 channels of fully synchronized step and direction signals at speeds up to 200kHz, a camera trigger, DMX512 lighting control, limit switch inputs, and a set of triggers for interfacing with an external device.

The DMC-32 is the next generation of our DMC-16 product. Here are the main differences:

  • Outputs 32 channels instead of 16. (The DB37 carries channels 17-32 instead of repeating 1-16.)
  • Powered by the improved Zynq 7Z020 processor (instead of DE0-Nano).
  • LTC input for perfectly synchronized, repeatable live-action passes.
  • Integrated fan for temperature control.
  • Uses a 3.5mm TRS input (mini stereo headphone jack) for camera shutter/meter instead of XLR.

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Dragonframe Master Controller


  • 32 channels of step/direction signals for use with stepper motor drivers.
  • Maximum stepping pulse rate of 200,000 steps/second (200 kHz).
  • 16 RJ45 jacks with differential and non-differential outputs for step and direction.
  • One Kuper compatible DB37 step/direction output (non-differential).
  • 16 limit switch inputs on DB25. (8 sets of low and high limits for motors 1-8).
  • One camera trigger with separate metering and shutter outputs.
  • One DMX512 output to control up to 512 lights.
  • Timecode (LTC / Linear Timecode) input over BNC connector, for repeatable live passes.
  • I/O Triggers for interfacing DMC-32/Dragonframe with another external device.
  • Includes a relay, two logic level out, a switch input, and an emergency stop input.
  • Input Voltage: 115 VAC to 230 VAC.

Physical Specifications

  • 1U rack mountable enclosure
  • Dimensions: 19″ wide x 1.719″ tall x 10″ deep
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs

Package Includes

  • Power cord of your choice : US/UK/EU/None.
  • USB cable (6′ length).
  • Rubber feet for desktop use.


Q: What’s the difference between the DMC-32 and using an Arduino for motion control? Why would I pay so much more for the DMC-32?

A: The Arduino (with Dragonframe and our DFMoco sketch) is a great tool for motion control in stop motion and time-lapse, but it is very basic. It has a maximum motor speed of 20,000 steps/second, with fairly coarse acceleration/deceleration. The DMC-32 is ten times as fast, with smoother acceleration and deceleration. The Arduino provides basic shoot-move-shoot capabilities, whereas the DMC-32 can run moves at full speed. The DMC-32 also provides full DMX lighting capabilities and triggers.

Q: Does the DMC-32 include powered stepper motor drivers?

A: No. It provides step and direction signals. You need to use separate drivers, such as ones from Geckodrive.

Q: How is the DMC-32 different from the DMC-16?

A: The DMC-32 can output 32 different step/direction motor signals at once. The DB37 on the DMC-32 outputs channels 17-32 instead of repeating 1-16. The DMC-32 has a BNC LTC input, for live action synchronization.

Q: Is the DMC-32 genlockable?

A: It takes LTC timecode. If you use a signal generator that outputs both genlock and LTC (such as the Atomos Ultrasync One), you can send LTC to the DMC-32 and genlock to a camera, and they will be synchronized.

Q: Is the DMC-32 as amazingly awesome as it appears to be?

A: Yes, it is.


You can find more technical specifications, safety precautions, and wiring diagrams in the user guide:

DMC-32 User Guide

Hardware Warranty:

DZED Limited Warranty – 2 Year

Additional FAQs:

Motion Control FAQs

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