About Us

Still from United Airlines’ “Dragon”.

Animator, Eileen Kohlhepp


Here at DZED Systems, we have a point of view. We’re animators, directors of photography, and artists, and we designed Dragonframe to be the software we’ve been waiting for. The software that allows us to do feature-level, performance-based animation in any format.

Because we designed Dragonframe (formerly ‘Dragon Stop Motion’) in the stress of real productions, our features are concise and powerful. We focus on capturing high-quality digital stills or video and allowing you to work directly with those files. Dragonframe organizes your images simply and gives you access to them in high resolution.


Since 1993, brothers Jamie and Dyami Caliri have collaborated to create stop-motion animation software. Jamie is a noted and award-winning director, and Dyami is a professional software engineer. Their first collaboration was to design a custom 35mm film camera control; this then led to a software-based frame grabber, and finally a comprehensive digital-stills-based solution.

In 2005, Jamie began directing the United Airlines commercial “Dragon”. He wanted to shoot stop-motion with digital stills. The Caliri brothers worked closely with virtuoso animator Kim Blanchette to develop software that would meet their extraordinary needs. The result was a comprehensive stop-motion tool that helped bring the Annie-award-winning United Airlines spot to life.

After realizing that other stop motion software had major limitations, the Caliri brothers formed DZED Systems LLC to develop Dragon Stop Motion for the public. Our company is committed to providing truly professional-grade software and top-notch technical support.