When choosing a motion control system it is important to understand what we mean when we say a rig supports real-time shooting.

Real-Time Shooting

Real-time shooting in Dragonframe means that Dragonframe can run a move at full speed, or reduced speed, with all axes fully synchronized.

If you want to program real-time moves (for live action) in Dragonframe, you need a real-time capable rig.

A real-time rig makes shooting test moves much faster and smoother.

Currently, the only motion controllers that support real-time functionality in Dragonframe are:

Non Real-Time Shooting (Shoot-Move-Shoot)

A non real-time rig will move each axis to the next position of a move at separate speeds.

This is perfectly adequate for shooting stop-motion animation.

You cannot run a live action move with a non real-time rig.

Note: Some rigs are capable of real-time shooting when used with the third-party’s custom controllers, but their Dragonframe integration may only provide shoot-move-shoot capabilities.

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