First, make sure your camera is supported by visiting the Camera Support page, taking care to note which versions of Dragonframe support the camera (if any). Follow any setup instructions provided. Then you will want to verify that the computer itself can see the camera. If you are on a Mac, use “Image Capture”, which is an application that comes with the computer and is located in the “Applications” folder. On Windows, you can see if the camera connects when you plug it in, since Windows always pops up a message for new devices. If you have a Canon camera, you can also use “Canon EOS Utility” on either platform to detect the camera. If you have Nikon Camera Control Pro 2, you can check that as well.

If the operating system or other programs can see your camera, but Dragonframe does not, you should definitely send in a camera test (see Dragonframe Help menu) and also contact support. If nothing can see your camera, try using a different USB cable and port, and possibly try your camera with another computer.

Anti-virus software blocking camera detection.

If you have anti-virus software, make sure to white-list Dragonframe so that it can access the camera.

Camera Support

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