DMC-32 / DMC-16 / DMC+

The Dragonframe Master Controller is our flagship motion control coordinator. It comes in three varieties: The DMC-32, DMC-16, and the DMC+. The DMC-32 has 32 channels of step and direction that you can wire to your stepper motor drivers. The DMC-16 has 16 channels of step and direction. The DMC+ provides powered drivers for channels 1-8, and step/dir signals for channels 9-16.

Use the DMC-32 or DMC-16 with your own stepper motors drivers.
Use the DMC+ with your own stepper motors (or drivers for channels 9-16).

All of the DMC devices support real-time shooting. This means they are capable of shooting stop motion and video.

Arduino DFMoco

Arduino is an inexpensive, open-source hobby computer. We provide a special program (“Sketch” in Arduino world) called “DFMoco”. It provides 4-8 channels of step and direction output (depending on the Arduino model). We provide this sketch as a convenience, for people who are comfortable working with electronics and are interested in creating a homemade, low cost, simple motion control solution. We do not offer customizations of the DFMoco sketch (although you are free to do it yourself).

The Arduino DFMoco integration is non real-time (shoot-move-shoot only). This means that it can be used to shoot stop motion, but not video.

The DFMoco sketch is installed with Dragonframe at:
[Dragonframe Install folder]/Resources/Arc Motion Control/DFMoco


An Arduino running the DFMoco sketch will generate step and direction signals for stepper motors.

If you already have stepper motor drivers, you can take these signals and wire them into a connector for those drivers.

If you do not have stepper motor drivers, and need to move relatively small stepper motors, you can wire the Arduino signals to a Big Easy Driver or comparable board. You will use one Big Easy Driver for each stepper motor.

The pin-out for each step and direction signal is described in the DFMoco sketch.


eMotimo spectrum ST4 on desktop with Dragonframe software running

The eMotimo spectrum ST4 is a full-featured 4-axis controller with integrated pan and tilt control.
Additionally it has two powered motor output typically paired with a slider and focus motors.
It is accurate, repeatable, and supports cameras weighing up to 15lbs.

The eMotimo ST4 implements our real-time protocol. This makes it faster for programming moves, performing tests, and even capturing real-time video.

Inquire at eMotimo.

Kessler Crane

Kessler CineShooter Dragonframe Integration

Kessler Crane is well-known motion control company that has recently integrated some of their motion control systems with Dragonframe.

The Kessler CineShooter and Second Shooter Pro implement our real-time protocol.

Connecting Dragonframe with Kessler CineShooter

Connecting Dragonframe with Kessler Second Shooter Pro


Slidekamera motion control slider, pan tilt head with focus via Dragonframe software

SLIDEKAMERA produces high-quality motion control equipment for filmmakers, from lightweight DSLR’s to professional, heavy cinema cameras: sliders, remote heads with lens control, turntables and many more.

Using the new SLIDELINK PRO adapter enables real-time playback for SLIDEKAMERA hardware. This means it can be used to shoot stop motion or video.

You can use it to shoot not only stop-motion animation but also live video: advanced packshots, VFX plates, greenscreens or feature film’s shots demanding advanced camera movement.

Inquire at Slidekamera.

Performing Rigs –– Tools for Rigging Special Effects

Performing Rigs

Performing Rigs is a brand-new company, and the first with tools for rigging special effects.

“Our five Rigs create and repeat the increasingly requested complex movement of elements within the frame. We have removed the tedium and inconsistency of practicing and repeating tosses, twirls, drops and sprays. We provide tools that are ready for work, avoiding short-deadline panics and erasing development time.”

“If you are using the Dragonframe DMC-32 for work with stepper motors, then be sure to check out our Run-2 and Run-4 products! These products are rack mount or case style motor drivers and 48V power supplies for stepper motors, pre-configured for use with the DMC-32.”

Inquire at Performing Rigs.

edelkrone (no assistance available)

edelkrone SliderPLUS & HeadPlus with Stop Motion Module

Edelkrone does not appear to be providing support for their Dragonframe integration. It may not be the best choice.

The edelkrone Link Adapter is now available for purchase, connecting edelkrone’s innovative motion control system to Dragonframe software for flawless stop motion animations. The system works with SliderPLUS and Slide Module v3* motion control setup paired with HeadPLUS v2** (required). By integrating edelkrone Link Adapter and Dragonframe into this setup, users can set camera motions by hand, create precise and repeatable camera movements, and adjust the focus of the camera using the knob located directly on the edelkrone Link Adapter.

* or previous generation Slide Module v2
** or previous generation HeadPLUS v1

Learn more by visiting the edelkrone website.

Watch edelkrone’s Link Adapter setup for Dragonframe tutorial.

The edelkrone Link Adapter is non real-time (shoot-move-shoot only) when used with Dragonframe. This means that it can be used to shoot stop motion, but not video.


NOXON ModSlider

Noxon’s Mod Slider is light, rugged, and a very good value. It has an interchangeable rail system from 60cm to 200cm.

You can see it in action here: YouTube: Affordable 3 axis slider for video, timelapse and stopmotion.

Inquire at Noxon.

The Noxon Mod Slider + Dragonframe Adapter is non real-time (shoot-move-shoot only) when used with Dragonframe. This means that it can be used to shoot stop motion, but not video.

Note: You must select ‘DFMoco Arduino’ as the device type in Scene | Connections.

Dynamic Perception

Dynamic Perception slider and control box

Dynamic Perception produces rugged, light-weight linear sliders and pan/tilt heads.

Their NMX Digital Motion Controller (3-axis stepper controller) is now Dragonframe compatible.

The NMX Digital Motion Controller is non real-time (shoot-move-shoot only) when used with Dragonframe. This means that it can be used to shoot stop motion, but not video.

Inquire at Dynamic Perception.


SmartSystem Digidrive controller and slider

SmartSystem is an Italian-based company that creates high-precision linear sliders. Their SmartSlider Reflex S employs a unique fluid drag system to reduce vibration.

The DigiDRIVE Portable is a Dragonframe compatible controller. It can control all of the DigiDRIVE hardware.

The DigiDRIVE Portable is non real-time (shoot-move-shoot only) when used with Dragonframe. This means that it can be used to shoot stop motion, but not video.

Inquire at SmartSystem.

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