Tax Exemption within the US

In general, most states allow for tax exemptions for schools, resellers, and some non-profits.

If you have a tax exemption certificate, you can upload it in your account’s tax setup page. [Tax Setup]

Make sure to select the appropriate state, and to provide an expiration date in the future.

Once configured, both software and hardware should then be exempt from tax for purchases in that state.

Tax Exemption in the EU and UK

If you have a business VAT number in the EU or the UK, you can provide it in your account’s tax setup page. [Tax Setup]

Digital goods (our software) will be tax exempt if you provide a valid VAT number.

All physical goods for B2B (business to business) sales are subject to VAT at the time of arrival. They are not exempt. The VAT will be included in the purchase price during checkout.

EU Zero-Rate Tax

Although some businesses in the EU are registered for “zero-rate tax”, our store is not able to accommodate that process.

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