For the first time, we’re officially recommending a camera system for shooting professional quality stop motion with Dragonframe!

Canon’s mirrorless EOS R system, with its amazing image quality and mirrorless body, is now optimized for Dragonframe. Canon is offering a version of their EOS R Body with special Stop Motion Animation Firmware preloaded.

The new firmware expands the Live View resolution to a crisp 1920 x 1280. This doubles the size the Live View of the EOS 5D series (960 x 640).

The new EOS R firmware also adds a feature called Focus Peaking that takes advantage of the dual pixel AF technology found on the Canon EOS R sensor. Dragonframe users can turn on focus peaking to see red highlights over areas in focus.

We’ve been working together behind the scenes to make sure these features are ready to roll. You will need Dragonframe version 4.2 or higher.

Initially, for customers located in the United States, the custom firmware will be available directly from Canon—Click here to learn more. For other countries please contact your regional Canon sales company.