In an effort to tell the story of their healthy ethos that includes low sugar drinks and superior, organic sourcing, Honest Tea has employed Passion Animation Studios to use stop motion puppets and sets made of all-natural materials like felt, card, paper, wool, cotton and wood. “Small Decision, Big Impact” communicates the way in which large-scale change can come from choices that are very small (perhaps as small as a little wooded puppet). Directed by Mark Waring and Anna Mantzaris, the piece does a great job of capturing the warmth and texture of the handmade world.

Here, a mom narrates all of the positive effects that flow out of her choice to give her family Honest Tea, from her kids who now consumes less sugar, to organic peaches that aren’t subjected to pesticide sprays, to farmers getting a fair wage for their ingredients. It is a lovely illustration of the fair trade movement in action. Warm, side lighting and earthy tones complete the look and feel of a journey that starts with one mom’s decision for her family and ends in the children in a farming community somewhere else in the world getting a new roof on their school. All in all this is a colorful, believable illustration of the brand’s tag: “small decision. BIG impact.”