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Get started today with a free trial of Dragonframe stop motion software. This is an opportunity to test your camera and familiarize yourself with the features of the program. Learn more about Dragonframe.

IMPORTANT: Images captured during the trial will have a watermark that cannot be removed. [Trial FAQs]

We have many resources to help you get started.

  • Start by watching our video tutorials. [Tutorials]
  • Check the setup instructions for your camera. [Camera Support]
  • Visit our support center to find a thorough user manual, a list of FAQs, and instructions for requesting additional help. [Support]

The trial is valid for 30 days and has the following limitations:

  • Images have a watermark that cannot be removed.
  • You can shoot up to 50 frames per take.
  • Camera RAW formats are not supported.

DF2024 Version History

Dragonframe 2024.05.1

* Basic color management via OCIO, for converting sRGB source to monitor color profiles.
* Live view magnification views each get their own grid
* Cine: Added sort options in Cinematography Test and References areas
* Cine: Added camera notes pop-out window
* Arc: Added group lock to lock entire group of axes
* Arc: See and change indexed exposure assignments directly
* Arc: Added 'Extend Curves' option to extrapolate past last keyframe
* Added 'burst mode' for some cameras

Dragonframe 2024.01.4

* Reactivate Nikon live view if camera's auto timer turns it off
* Fixed ARRI ISO and shutter speed settings for SUP 1.9+
* Fixed contextual menu in media player not showing up (Windows/Linux)
* Fixed potential crash when closing program while animation is playing
* Fixed keyboard focus after using cutback dialog
* Removed duplicate 'Toggle Step by Tags' hotkey entry
* Ensure that the scene layer name is updated when switching takes
* dmc-lite: Updated to fix losing steps and failing to reach target
* dmc-lite: Increased rate at which it notifies DF of position changes
* Arc: Fixed regression of graph performance
* Arc: Clear jogpad 'key down' state when exiting jogpad mode, to prevent spurious jogging when reactivating it
* Arc: Improved move test grabbing live view images
* Arc: Fixed crash when disabling virtual configuration
* Flair: Fixed initial movement to right eye position when shooting stereoscopic
* Linux: Removed libtiff dependency

Dragonframe 2024.01.3

* Fixed sluggish DMX workspace live view
* Fixed Color Palette tool being stuck in corner of window
* Improved Nikon live view compression on cameras that support it
* Allow user to assign scene layer to a toggle group

Dragonframe 2024.01.2

* Fixed welcome screen preview of scenes with hidden/tagged frames
* Fixed using mouse wheel to scale animation view
* Fixed floating tool palette randomly moving to the wrong monitor
* Fixed floating tool palette buttons toggling instead of playing animation when pressing SPACE
* When shooting in middle of sequence and out point is with camera, keep moving out point
* Changed default hotkeys to toggle guide layers to SHIFT + 1-8
* Fixed Preferences dialog going behind main window
* Fixed crash when deleting large section of empty frames beyond end of timeline
* Arc: Fixed jogpad mode using wrong axis group (virtuals or non-virtuals)
* Arc: Updated SDL library to fix macOS bluetooth gamepad disconnections
* Arc: Fixed indexed axis go-motion on DMC
* Arc: Ensure dmc-lite shows up in triggers UI
* Arc: Fixed last axis dropping out group when clicking on it
* DMX: Added Aputure Amaran F21x/c and F22x/c DMX fixtures
* DMX: Added EclFresnel DMX fixtures
* DMX: Added Forza 60B II and 150B light fixture definitions
* DMX: Added Cineroid FL400 and FL800 light fixture definitions
* DMX: Added PavoTube II 15C & 30C fixture definitions
* DMX: Added Gemini 1x1 and 2x1 fixture definitions
* DMX: Added Nanlux Evoke 2400B fixture definition
* DMX: Added Prolycht Orion 300 FS and 675 FS fixture definitions

Dragonframe 2024.01.1

* Improved hot key toggling of guide layers
* New dmc-lite Arduino real-time motion control sketch, for Giga R1 and Portenta H7
* Playback performance improvements
* NDI Input: Direct NDI input integration
* Option to lock NDI/Blackmagic/Syphon/Spout live view output to specific camera
* DMX Generate Effect: Auto-generate flicker, pulsing, or static
* Arc: Added jogpad mode that uses jogpad keys but stays in main Arc workspace

DF5 Version History

Dragonframe 5.2.8

* Fixed loading of audio wav file with error at end of the file
* Clear jogpad 'key down' state when exiting jogpad mode, to prevent spurious jogging when reactivating it
* Fixed move test handling of missed frames
* Fixed Flair 3D setup initial move to right eye position
* Ensure that the scene layer name is updated when switching takes
* Fixed ARRI ISO and shutter speed settings for SUP 1.9+
* Removed Linux libtiff dependency
* Re-activate Nikon live view if camera's auto timer turns it off
* Fixed welcome screen preview of scenes with hidden/tagged frames
* Fixed crash when 'deleting' a large section of frame that don't exist (at end of timeline)
* DMX: A channel that has a custom name but no keyframes will now hide when 'hide unprogrammed channels' is selected
* Arc: Exit virtuals when going to moco sync to avoid 'failure to reach position' errors
* Arc: Fixed indexed axis go-motion on DMC
* Arc: Axis group with virtuals properly engages virtual mode

Dragonframe 5.2.7

* Handle abrupt quit without crashing
* Handle 'past take' reference layer with different sizes
* Fixed text in NDI output drawing layer
* Fixed Syphon when hardware acceleration is used
* Fixed references movies sometimes failing to load the last second or so
* Ensure that secondary camera video assist gets proper settings
* Changed 'step by tag' behavior to step single frames when past the final captured frame (or camera)
* Arc: Fixed issue where user could not select DMC firmware file if the program language was set to French
* Arc: If user manually steps through Moco frames while animating, make sure one step finishes before starting another
* macOS: Warn user about macOS Sonoma 14.2.0

Dragonframe 5.2.6

* Restored faster live view refresh during slow auto-toggle speeds
* Make multiple attempts to save take.xml, and resort to storing at a separate location if all else fails
* Do not jump to 'live' frame after hold frames dialog* macOS - report webcam security authorization issue to user
* Make sure that camera memory cards do not appear as camera devices
* Fixed bug with audio track showing up after deleting a different one
* Arc: Ensure that you can't drag one keyframe to same frame as another
* Arc: Do not include time warp axis in 'translate to move position'
* Arc: Fixed memory leak when deleting keyframes

Dragonframe 5.2.5

* Added support for Sony A6700
* Added support for Fujifilm X-S20
* Fixed potential crash with dialog tracks when switching takes
* Restore focus to animation workspace after toggling media player visibility
* Fixed potential crash with histogram generator
* Fixed incorrect shutter speeds showing up in Cinematography metadata
* After using 'Hold frame' dialog, do not jump to the current frame
* Fixed issue with media player windows going behind application windows
* DMX: Fixed color temperature and green/magenta fields not showing up in color selector

Dragonframe 5.2.4

* Fixed lockup with some Nikon cameras
* Properly use axis 'On Position' step delta
* Fixed mp4 colorspace issue
* Re-center digital densitometer if either circle is off the screen
* Make sure that the text editor dialog for x-sheet start frame, end frame, etc, show in the right spot
* Support JPGs embedded in Apple DNG files
* Added 'Image Size' option to DF Tether on iOS (for 48MP images on iPhone 14 Pro)
* Improved generation of JPGs from Apple DNG and Canon CR3 files (macOS only)
* Fixed crashing in color dialog when dragging color into saved color patch

Dragonframe 5.2.3

* Fixed scaling of reference layers in composite movie export
* Fixed FIT image scale when using push-in mask and horizontal/vertical offsets
* Fixed Cinematography 'Export Still Image' when using push-in mask and horizontal/vertical offsets
* Fixed short play dialog key input, so it doesn't default to '666'
* Notify user if audio system isn't working and ensure that stepping still works
* Fixed initial motion control sync frame when using move-shoot mode
* Fixed camera settings after capturing making-of exposure

Dragonframe 5.2.2

* Fixed potential crash when hardware accelerated video decoding fails
* Fixed onion-skin with multiple frames (frame echo)
* Fixed frame color tags affecting 'conform' status
* Set creation date on exported movies
* Added tooltips to ARC buttons in lower-right

Dragonframe 5.2.1

* Fixed conform dropping tagged frames
* Fixed alternate composition guide color selectors in floating tool palette
* Exit 'jog all' mode from gamepad menu when menu closes or switches modes
* Added tooltips to media player title bar buttons

Dragonframe 5.2.0

* Added Leica SL / SL2 / SL2-s support.
* Added Sony ZV-E1 support.
* Axis groups: organize your motion control axes into groups. Add a group via the Arc hamburger menu, then drag channels into it.
* Frame Tags: Add colored tags to captured frames in the timeline or x-sheet. Right-click on the timeline (or control-click on macOS) and apply a tag from the contextual menu. (In the X-Sheet, add a ‘TAG’ column to see tags.) The tags move with the frames as you edit. You can use this to mark frames for some post-production reason, or as a way to quickly show/hide sets of frames.
* Improvements for blocking/rehearsal animation: step by tag and auto-tag first frame in multi-shoot.
* Option to add an exposure as a reference layer. This allows you to play back composited layers as you shoot a take.
* Audio track reading HUD in animation workspace can be popped out into separate window.
* Hardware acceleration for jpeg video assist images–on macOS Apple Silicon machines and Windows with Intel graphics.
* When a reference layer file cannot be found, the program now keeps the layer instead of removing it. It shows a missing symbol, and you can replace the media via a right-click (or control-click) on the layer.
* Bumped maximum camera count from four to eight.
* Added more zoom levels for animation workspace: 225%, 250%, etc.
* Improved anamorphic de-squeeze support. Anamorphic setting has moved to Scene|Cameras.
* Option to add exposure as a media layer.
* Individual drawing layer export/import.
* Major DMX UI performance improvements with many channels.
* Movie export 'all exposures' now works with multiple cameras.
* Alternate composition guides can be assigned a color, to more easily distinguish them.

Dragonframe 5.1.5

* Fixed Canon Digital Rebels showing as attached after they are detached
* Fixed glitchy reference video playback on some macOS platforms with hardware acceleration
* Fixed Arc keyframe table contextual menu modifying the wrong keyframe

Dragonframe 5.1.4

* Added Canon EOS R100 support
* Added Nikon Z8 support
* Fixed Sigma capture failure
* Fixed 'past takes' reference layer not loading properly
* Fixed Italian translation causing Command-Q to not work on macOS
* Improved FLAIR integration with motion control
* Fixed AIM point failures on Apple Silicon Macs.
* Fixed Nikon shutter speed not going slower than 1/30" on certain cameras

Dragonframe 5.1.3

* macOS fixed audio system freeze
* Fixed hotkeys for toggling reference layers in media players
* Fixed DMX channel names when using 'Save Channels'

Dragonframe 5.1.2

* Fixed Fuji X-T3 focus check
* Fixed Nikon Z7 II focus check
* Fixed variable speed jogging with DFMoco and gamepad controller
* Fixed DMX program hierarchy when deleting exposures
* Fixed DMX fixture pixel list with more than nine pixels
* Fixed DMX text value entry editing other selected channel
* Fixed potential crash on Windows while quitting application
* Fixed crash on close after using contextual menu (Qt bug)

Dragonframe 5.1.1

* Added Canon EOS R50 support
* Added Sony A7R V heif format support
* Fixed Z-Cam capturing with incorrect setSettings
* Fixed Olympus E-M1 Mark II hi-res mode
* Show correct camera for video assist capture error
* Fixed composite export of C2/C3/C4 exposures
* Allow 400% image to be fully moved around screen
* Avoid using 'cmd' on Windows since some administrators block it
* Use proper image orientation in camera setup warning message
* Fixed Windows 125% DPI artifacts
* Added 1.6 Anamorphic scaling
* Movie player window stays in sync during capture
* DMX: Added Astera HydraPanel fixture
* Arc: show message when engaging auto-toggle
* Arc: Fixed jog all slider switching back to UPLOAD MOVE while jogging
* Arc: Fixed moco getting confused about animator controlled axes
* Added note to user guide about opening arc jogpad mode via keypad
* Mask out tag color in EDL (so that files edited in DF5.2 will open properly)
* Fixed potential crash on macOS 13 when camera disconnects
* Fixed potential crash on Windows when camera disconnects
* Fixed potential crash caused by Sony driver
* Fixed potential crash when dragging x-sheet/guide-layer/notepad tabs
* Fixed potential crash during movie export
* Fixed potential crash when deleting frame at start of timeline after capturing making-of image

Dragonframe 5.1.0

* macOS: Requires macOS 10.14+
* Windows: Requires Windows 10/11
* Ubuntu: Requires Ubuntu 22.04+
* Fedora: Requires Fedora 28+
* Added Contour Shuttle integration
* Added support for Z-CAM cameras
* Added support for SIGMA fp and fp L cameras
* Ani: Added hardware acceleration on macOS and Windows for media layer playback
* Ani: Option to pin media players, so they stay up when switching exposures
* Ani: Hot key to toggle bash light in Animation workspace
* Ani: Hot keys to toggle grid layers
* Ani: Added "camera as media layer"
* Ani: Sharper hi-res proxies for playback
* Arc: Improved UI performance
* Arc: Move test / real-time playback for indexed positions
* Arc: Real-time looping and ping-pong playback
* Arc: Option to automatically start/stop movie recording with real-time playback
* Arc: Determine if move can be accomplished by virtual rig
* Arc: Reorient move to current position
* Arc: Output OSC both real and virtual motor positions
* DMX: Supports up to four DMX 'universes' of 512 channels each
* DMX: Improved UI performance with many channels
* DMX: Added gel chooser for ARRI fixtures with gel lists
* Audio: Restore track order when loading scene
* Audio: Export lip sync movie
* Added NDI video output, which can be used in Unreal Engine
* Added heif/heic image support
* Use x264 mp4 output for better results, and consistent support across all platforms
* X-Sheet: Option to pop out into separate window
* X-Sheet: Added multiple options to drawing tools

Dragonframe 5.0.10

* Properly handle 'DF' licenses

Dragonframe 5.0.9

* Added Canon EOS R6 Mark II support
* Added Canon EOS R7 support
* Added Canon EOS R10 support
* Fixed Nikon Z9 focus check
* Fixed capture issue with Nikon in silent mode
* Fixed Panasonic S5 APS-C cropping issue
* Improved performance with many drawing layers
* Avoid crash if system OpenGL < 2.0
* Fixed crash on quit
* Improved move test performance with Kessler
* Do not show x-sheet alerts during 'conform all takes'
* Allow serial port name with MAC address
* Fixed accidental drag of Arc axis menu
* Fixed portrait thumbnail rotation
* DMX: Match up RGB, HSI channels properly with multi-channel fixtures
* DMX: Don't create keyframe on hidden channel
* Do not send trigger messages to Enttec devices
* Resolved issue with selecting large group of files in Image Import dialog

Dragonframe 5.0.8

* Resolved crashes when switching/unplugging monitors on macOS
* Fixed high-res proxy dimensions for C2/C3/C4
* Fixed Windows webcam focus changing every frame
* Handle 4GB+ video files from Canon and Olympus cameras
* Fixed pre-roll for RUN LIVE with eMotimo ST4
* Added RGKit Play presets
* Work around Ubuntu 22.04+ OpenSSL 3 issues

Dragonframe 5.0.7

* Fixed Windows file dialog freeze
* Added support for Canon R5 C
* Added support for Panasonic GH5 Mark II
* Fixed iPhone zooming out after every shot
* Fixed Nikon capture failure when shooting faster than one image/second
* Fixed C1/C2 swapping video assist/still image when using multiple cameras with same name
* Fixed bash light showing in C2 video assist
* Fixed csv import with quotation marks around data
* Fixed crash when opening scene with multiple audio HUD

Dragonframe 5.0.6

* Added support for Panasonic LUMIX GH6
* Added support for larger Panasonic live view
* Added support for Nikon Z9
* Warn Sony users if camera drive mode is incorrect
* Fixed Blackmagic blackout during capture

* Use sRGB OpenGL buffers to ensure proper color representation

* Fixed guide layers jumping when clicking on layer
* Properly wait for Canon EOS R/RP stop motion firmware digital focus
* Fixed beep sound when holding ENTER to bring up 'shoot multiple'
* Updated FTDI driver link (from Help menu, on Windows)
* Scene importer attempts to import x-sheet columns

* Fixed DMX copy/paste on high channel numbers
* Fixed DMX-programmed relay/logic per exposure
* Ensure DMX programs don't get orphaned when deleting exposures

* Fixed issue with DMC + DDMX512 + index-based-blur leading to incorrect lighting
* Moco TCP connections can use mDNS local host names
* Fixed firmware version warnings for non Dragonframe devices
* Added 'Kessler Moco' to possible device list
* Fixed potential crash when moco device disconnects during upload move
* Fixed jogpad showing blank axis list
* Cartesian virtuals were triggering boom/swing warnings

* Fixed audio HUD begin unmovable
* Favor relative audio and reference layer files over absolute when loading
* Convert sound file paths to canonical paths

* Fixed issue with extra cameras getting wrong video assist settings
* Do not allow camera settings to be edited while 'in sync'
* Fixed crash when user changed view camera during capture

* Fixed crash when scene save fails while opening new scene
* Fallback to direct write when save take xml fails.
* Output more debug information when take xml fails to save.

* Fixed FBX library for macOS 10.13 compatibility
* Ensure only one message box pops up for floating license warnings
* Updated user guide to explain cartesian virtual setup.

Dragonframe 5.0.5

* Added support for Canon EOS R3
* Added support for Sony A7 IV
* Fixed Canon EOS R focus control restoring previous position (focus control requires stop motion firmware)
* Fixed composite movie export crash
* Updated macOS application icon to current guidelines
* Increased ProRes export maximum size to 8K
* Ensure that scene metadata txt file gets written before switching takes
* Fixed media layer expand/collapse state in timeline when switching cameras/views
* DMX: Fixed bug where program let user delete last element of fixture
* ARC: Fixed accidental reordering of axes
* ARC: Arduino DFMoco go-motion only for blur-enabled axes
* ARC: Fixed manual axis data not showing up in animation workspace
* ARC: Fixed AIM point jog on line not working properly
* Added Ready to Capture tooltips and give user clear message when functionality is blocked because program is in 'sync' mode
* Other stability fixes

Dragonframe 5.0.4

* Added support for Fujifilm X-S10
* Fixed macOS 12+ webcam controls
* Warn users if they are using FUJIFILM X WEBCAM
* Fixed Sony capture issue when camera was stuck in "capture to card" mode
* DF Tether now lets you select which camera to use on Android/iOS
* Fixed crash when exporting mp4 on Windows
* Fixed mp4 export quality issue on macOS
* Improved performance with multiple drawing layers
* Fixed image sequence export improper image rotation
* Fixed Canon EOS R stop motion firmware live view toggling size back down to 960x640
* Ensure that motion control system reaches each frame/exposure position before shooting
* Fixed Canon stop motion firmware digital focus causing pre-roll failures
* Fixed motion control runaway jogging caused by weird mouse usage
* Ensure the UI updates after importing scene settings with different FPS
* Fixed DMX real-time playback when "playing" in DMX Workspace
* Fixed DMX issue when dragging group headers below rest of channels
* Fixed DMX issue when adjusting values while filtering on a search term

Dragonframe 5.0.3

* Added support for Nikon Z fc
* Added support for Sony Alpha ZV-E10
* Fixed aspect mask and push-in not converting from DF4 to DF5
* Fixed reference movie layer frozen on last few frames
* After shooting multiple exposures with different cameras, switch back to original view
* DMX test shot triggers TEST SHOT event
* Fixed memory leak in JavaScript live view server client code
* Fixed motion control run live move start issue
* Fixed motion control axis that is locked jog with gamepad
* Fixed motion control not being able to reach digital focus positions on Canon EOS RP

Dragonframe 5.0.2

* Fixed lockup with ARC motion control workspace
* Fixed macOS uninstaller
* Fixed issue where program let you delete non-empty exposure after reordering
* Fixed movie export crash when providing insanely large export dimensions
* Fixed focus peaking and focus preview offset on Canon R/RP with stop motion firmware and non-Canon lens
* Fixed Canon R/RP stop motion firmware initial focus position
* Fixed workspace order reverting to original order
* Restored transparent corners of welcome screen on macOS

Dragonframe 5.0.1

* Fixed errant making-ok frame
* Added support for Sony A7R IIIA
* Added support for Sony A7R IVA
* Fixed issue with some sounds not playing
* Fixed movie export dialog showing blank width or height
* Fixed Exposures not showing C1/C2/C3/C4 after adding cameras
* Made it easier to pick HDMI (Blackmagic) video source + USB Camera capture source
* Attempt to reconnect to Monogram Creative Console software
* Keep thickness of drawing elements when selecting them
* Fixed Cinematography exposure thumbnail sizing
* Adjusted movie export dialog to work on smaller screens
* Focus tools adjust to Canon lens choice
* Fixed issue where scene layer could not be positioned below main layer
* Fixed issue with #5 key in Cinematography (toggle) re-centering image
* Fixed motion control timing issue with go-motion causing non-gomo motors to fail to move to next position
* Fixed Windows desktop application icon disappearing
* Fixed crash in Windows composite export as mp4
* Fixed issue where C2/C3/C4 cameras cannot be removed from list
* Numerous stability improvements

Dragonframe 5.0.0

GENERAL --------------------------------
* Support for Apple M1 Silicon (ARM64)
* Multiple camera support (up to four) - for additional hi-res capture or video assist
* Separate Drawing Layers and References for each magnification view or alternative video assist
* "Making-of" capture integrated into the animation process
* Support for fractional display scaling on Windows and Linux (125%, 150%, etc)
* Recover from conform failure
* Emojis in drawing layer text, notes
* Support Monogram Creative Console (Palette Gear) for various tasks
* Added a time estimate for long shoot multiple and move tests
* Added a composite movie export option
* Added a reverse export option
* Added a multiple-frame auto toggle
* Added keypad focus control in animation workspace
* Added 'Past Takes' reference layer to make it easier to refer to previous takes
* Drawing tool increment editor ticks can now show during animation or playback
* Reference movie player can go full screen

CAMERA SUPPORT -------------------------
* Support for Android and iOS devices over WiFi via DF Tether 2.0
* Support for Intel RealSense depth cameras
* Improved RED support with capture over WiFi now possible

DMX ------------------------------------
* Lighting Fixtures
* Graph mode to program with curves
* Program triggers (logic out and relay) via timeline
* Load test shots at full size
* Full DMX export/import
* Added search bar to more easily find lights
* Added 'thread' to visually tie badges to area in image

MOTION CONTROL -------------------------
* Added "aim point" (with virtuals)
* Autodesk FBX import/export of camera (with virtuals)
* Safe move browser
* Programmable, repeatable focus with Canon FPM camera+lens combos
(FPM is 'focus point memory', and is part of a newer version of the stop motion firmware.
You must purchase a camera with this firmware, or get your camera upgraded, in order to use this feature.)
* Programmable shutter speed
* Go motion can be enabled/disabled per exposure
* Record axis animation, for set or prop movers
* Couple two motor outputs (zDMC only)
* Output motor positions via OSC
* Move tests can be shot in reverse (for speedier turnaround)

AUDIO ----------------------------------
* Added "replace audio file" option

INTEGRATIONS ---------------------------
* Custom script actions can be assigned to hotkeys and called from Dragonframe
* OSC scripting can now have multiple calls for one action

DF4 Version History

Dragonframe 4.3.7

* Potential fix for macOS Catalina audio hang
* Fixed French translation issue that made it so firmware file could not be selected
* Added Sonoma 14.2.0 warning

Dragonframe 4.3.6

* Added backup take.xml save method
* Fixed short play, cut back dialogs that were repeating the key to open them
* Fixed crash with Apple iOS DNG files that have embedded JPGs
* Fixed potential crash with histogram generator
* Arc: Do not include time warp axis in 'translate move'
* Show user an error message when macOS security blocks webcam (UVC camera)
* Fixed macOS potential crash with webcam when Dragonframe cannot set the desired format
* Fixed chaos created by hiding/unhiding frames on the timeline that do not exist
* Set creation date on exported movies
* Added tooltips to ARC buttons in lower-right

Dragonframe 4.3.5

* Fixed potential crash when deleting points in increment editor
* Fixed Arc keyframe table contextual menu referencing incorrect frames
* Make sure to stop 'jog all' when exiting gamepad menu or switching modes
* Improved application shutdown process to avoid invalid 'program crashed on previous run' reports

Dragonframe 4.3.4

* Fixed Fuji X-T3 focus magnification
* Fixed DMX program hierarchy when deleting exposures
* Fixed potential crash on Windows while quitting application

Dragonframe 4.3.3

* Fixed potential crash on macOS 13 when camera disconnects
* Fixed potential crash on Windows when camera disconnects
* Fixed potential crash caused by Sony driver
* Avoid using 'cmd' on Windows since some administrators block it
* Fixed DMC reporting wrong soft limit
* Mask out tag color in EDL (so that files edited in DF5.2 will open properly)
* Fixed folder watching keystroke on macOS

Dragonframe 4.3.2

* Fixed potential crash with camera/PTP communication
* Fixed macOS Catalina audio freeze
* Fixed Fujifilm live view magnification

Dragonframe 4.3.1

* Added support for subscription license

Dragonframe 4.3.0

* Fixed Panasonic integration on newer macOS versions
* Fixed Nikon live view magnification switching when two positions are at the same x or y position
* Fixed crash when camera disconnects while quitting application

Dragonframe 4.2.9

* Fixed mouse issues with jogging axes
* Fixed Windows mp4 export crash
* Fixed blur on single axis with DFMoco
* Fixed Canon EOS R5/R6 depth of field preview plus focus rectangle
* Fixed DirectShow capture crash
* Added tooltips for Ready to Capture - Sync
* Fixed playhead jump after retiming sequence
* Ensure DMX programs don't get orphaned when deleting exposures
* Fixed cartesian virtuals triggering boom/swing warnings

Dragonframe 4.2.8

* Fixed macOS Monterey webcam control
* Set Sony to download images to computer
* Use DMX immediate mode during playback
* Fixed ARC max live speed when using virtuals
* Fixed moco scroll wheel mousing issue
* Do not filter out Blackmagic webcam option
* Set upper limit on movie export width/height
* Fixed memory leak in client javascript for live view server

Dragonframe 4.2.7

* Fixed connection issue with iPhone + macOS Catalina
* Fixed x-sheet dragging hold after hidden frames
* Fixed issue with Cinematography thumbnails area not expanding for all exposures
* Fixed crash when importing DMX data
* Fixed crash with Blackmagic Design output
* Limit move test live speed based on axis parameters
* Fixed go-motion timing issue
* Check for script file if it temporarily disappeared (network drive)

Dragonframe 4.2.6

* Added Sony Alpha A1 support
* Added Panasonic DC-S5 support
* Fixed live view staying on back of Canon cameras
* Fixed Windows crash when sleeping/waking
* Fixed Ximea MU181CR-ON DNG capture
* Fixed motion control not going to indexed positions
* Fixed issue dragging note in x-sheet

Dragonframe 4.2.5

* Added Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II support
* Added Sony FX3 support
* Resolve shifting live view with Canon EOS R5/R6
* Import scene 'drawings' now includes x-sheet drawing
* Prevent virtual axis 'set zero', which is not really allowed
* Fixed ping-pong playback
* Fixed issue with Arc gamepad assignments not saving
* Fixed glitch with stepping through frames in the Cinematography workspace
* Fixed EDL issue where frames could not be hidden
* Fixed Windows webcam crash when computer sleeps
* Fixed some Windows serial port lockups
* Numerous stability fixes

Dragonframe 4.2.4

* Fixed timeline bug introduced in 4.2.3

Dragonframe 4.2.3

* Added Canon EOS M50 Mark II support
* Added support for Sony A7S III
* Added support for Sony A7C
* Updated photo-jpeg export settings create movies that will play on macOS 10.15+
* Live view server orientation follows Cinematography workspace
* Fixed copy/paste of drawing line with tick marks
* Fixed application focus issue when switching away from Dragonframe and back
* Fixed garbage matte creating black border artifacts
* Fixed program not asking to conform or zero rig when closing scene
* Fixed crash when undoing certain actions in ARC workspace
* Fixed digital densitometer not working when in Portrait orientation
* Fixed bug when closing one reference video player closed all of them
* Fixed visual timeline corruption when last frame was hidden
* Fixed deleted axes showing up in uploaded move on DMC

Dragonframe 4.2.2

* Added support for Canon EOS R5
* Added support for Canon EOS R6
* Added support for Canon EOS-1DX Mark III
* Added support for Canon EOS Rebel T8i / 850D / Kiss X10i
* Added support for Nikon Z5
* Added support for Nikon D780
* Added support for Sony A9 Mark II
* Added support for Fuji X-Pro3
* Fixed issue with activation on Ubuntu 18.04
* Arc: Fixed issue with keyframe position rounding when moving up or down graph
* Fixed Windows application menu flashing
* Animation doesn't change DMX unless you switch to READY TO CAPTURE
* Fixed issue with reference movie (in separate window) not keeping sync during time-lapse
* Improved stability

Dragonframe 4.2.1

* Added Fuji X-T4 support
* Added Nikon D780 support
* Added Olympus E-M1 Mark III support
* Fixed crash when deleting reference layer shortly after adding it
* Fixed macOS webcam settings not showing
* Fixed issue with "Stills" capture source
* Fixed startup crash on macOS
* Fixed Fuji X-T3 live view not restoring
* Fixed gamepad support in Fedora
* Fixed Pentax K-1 Mark II shutter speed settings

Dragonframe 4.2.0

* Increased maximum allowed video assist size to 1920 wide. (Video assist resolution is usually limited by camera.)
* Support for Canon EOS stop motion firmware features
* New take/exposure/frame notes stored in metadata text file for passing on to post-production
* Reference images can now be popped out into separate window
* New alternate composition guide layers, for framing for multiple deliveries
* New movie record tool in Cinematography workspace makes it more clear which settings will be used when camera is set to record video
* New motion control adjustment layer to apply subtle adjustments to moves
* New motion control "time warp" feature to stretch or compress final move over time
* New DMX keyframe table view
* Support for simple arithmetic in many Arc and DMX fields
* Support for 4K webcams and Elgato Cam Link 4K

Dragonframe 4.1.10

* Fixed macOS Catalina 10.15.2 security issue
* Fixed movie file orientation

Dragonframe 4.1.9

* Added Canon EOS 90D support
* Fixed numerous macOS Catalina issues
* Fixed transparent PNGs as reference layer
* Fixed audio overlay (in Animation workspace) with face sets with more than two layers
* Fixed Sony A9 ISO list

Dragonframe 4.1.8

* macOS Catalina fixes and security requirements
* Fixed Windows audio system crash for certain configurations
* Improved Dragonframe Tether connectivity
* Fixed Sony A6400 detection
* Improved Sony live view focus magnification (on supported models)
* Motion control : use reduced jog speed for backlash rollback
* Motion control : fixed time-lapse when in "move shoot move" mode

Dragonframe 4.1.7

* Added support for Fujifilm GFX 50R
* Added support for Panasonic DC-S1 and DC-S1R
* Added support for Canon EOS SL3 / 250D / 200D II
* Fixed Sony capture issue with manual aperture lens
* Improved Fujifilm integration on Windows
* Fixed Import Image Sequence images landing in wrong exposure
* Other small fixes

Dragonframe 4.1.6

* Added support for Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera
* Added support for Olympus OM-D E-M1X mirrorless camera
* Improved reliability with Fujifilm X-T2
* Resolved missing drawing layers with Radeon Vega 8
* Fixed anamorphic high-res proxies and focus check
* Fixed digital focus (iPhone) move with DMC+ or DMC-16
* Fixed live view server IP detection on Windows

Dragonframe 4.1.5

* Improved Canon EOS R download speed
* Fixed stepping with audio loaded after 6000 frames
* Fixed multiple Windows webcam issues
* Fixed Windows mp4 export audio sync

Dragonframe 4.1.4

* Added support for Nikon Z6 full-frame mirrorless camera
* Added support for Nikon D3500 DSLR
* Resolved issue with initial setup of Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000
* Resolved issue with slow image download on Canon EOS Rebel cameras
* Resolved issue with Folder watching re-activating Dragonframe
* Improved Flair integration reliability
* Resolved issue with Canon EOS + DMC-16 go-motion setup
* Fixed potential crash while changing Arc axis badge color
* Fixed potential crash when closing Preferences
* Updated User Guide with sections on indexing, focus stacking and backlash
* Improved macOS Mojave dark mode color choices

Dragonframe 4.1.3

* Added support for Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera
* Added support for Nikon Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera
* Added support for Fujifilm X-T3
* Improved Intuos pen support for character track readings
* Restored motion control real-time playback countdown timer
* Fixed gamepad configuration with virtuals
* Numerous stability improvements

Dragonframe 4.1.2

* Fixed DMX program contextual menu
* Fixed crash loading empty audio file
* Fixed X-Sheet dark theme button
* Fixed Windows potential crash in 3D mouse initialization

Dragonframe 4.1.1

* macOS Mojave support, including dark mode
* Fixed export with push-in mash when no aspect ratio is active
* Fixed onion-skin + high-res mode
* Resized dialogs to fit on 13" laptop screen
* Fixed Cinematography link exposure menu
* Fixed crash exporting mp4 video

Dragonframe 4.1.0

Mac version REQUIRES macOS 10.10+
* New "Notepad" for keeping track of scene notes.
* Up to eight "punch-in" positions of live view magnification.
* Focus check support for Sony A7III and A7RIII.
* Support for ARRI direct ARRIRAW capture.
* Support for RED DSMC2 direct R3D capture.
* Support for Pentax KP, K-1, K-1 Mark II, 645Z.
* Support for Canon EOS M50, T7/1500D/2000D and 3000D/ 4000D.
* Support for 3rd-party DMX hardware: ENTTEC DMX Pro and Art-Net protocol.
* New gamepad controller integration for programming motion control.
* New 3D mouse support for motion control.
* More virtualized axis configurations for motion control.
* Motion control capture in reverse.

Dragonframe 4.0.6

* Fixed OpenGL error if live view JPEG can't be decoded (improves stability)
* Added support for Canon EOS 1500D / 2000D / Rebel T7
* Added support for Canon EOS 3000D / 4000D
* Fixed crash when performing 'undo' while dragging drawing objects
* Fixed DMC triggers not firing
* Added support for DMC v 2.2+ firmware

Dragonframe 4.0.5

* New camera support: Sony Alpha A7 III
* New camera support: Panasonic LUMIX DC-GH5S
* New camera support: Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9
* New camera support: Fujifilm X-H1
* Fixed 'Export Still Image' feature in Cinematography
* Windows: Fixed issue with UI not updating in Arc workspace
* Fixed DNG converter stalling
* Fixed reference video's audio losing sync after changing start frame of scene

Dragonframe 4.0.4

* Fixed macOS High Sierra (10.13) + NVidia crashing/freezing
* Added Nikon RAW size option (for applicable cameras)
* Added Fujifilm X-Pro2 support
* Fixed DMC hardware limit switches with negative steps/unit

Dragonframe 4.0.3

* New camera support: Panasonic GH5
* New camera support: Sony A7R III
* New camera support: Nikon D850
* Fixed portrait mode layer sizing issues
* Added TEST SHOT shortcut to ARC, DMX workspaces
* Fixed audio phonetic/dialog editing issues
* Fixed backlash compensation handling
* Live view server now includes orientation
* Fixed DMX power-down not sending lights all the way to zero
* Improved Blackmagic connectivity with Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0
* Numerous stability improvements

Dragonframe 4.0.2

* New camera support: Canon EOS 6D Mark II
* New camera support: Canon EOS 200D / Digital Rebel SL2
* New camera support: Fujifilm GFX 50S (Medium format)
* New camera support: Sony A9
* New camera support: Nikon D7500
* New camera support: Ximea xiC, xiQ, xiD, xiMU (Small)
* Linux webcam support improved. On par with Mac/Windows.
* Resolved Sony A7 capture issues.
* Fixed numerous stability issues.
* Fixed mp4 export frame rate issues on Mac.
* Fixed numerous track reading issues.
* Resolved memory leak with Sony cameras.
* Fixed image sequence import with disabled exposures.
* Fixed looping issue with "stills" capture mode.
* Improved communication with "Dragonframe Tether" iOS app.
* More robust communication protocol for DMC-16/DMC+.
* Fixed Cinematography display issue when Animation workspace was using live view magnification.
* Fixed Blue/Green swapped in Histogram.

Dragonframe 4.0.1

* Added support for Canon EOS 77D and 800D/T7i.
* Added support for Sony A99 II.
* Fixed crashing after opening/creating new scene on Windows with Intel HD graphics cards.
* Fixed crashing/freezing on Mac with Intel HD 6xxx graphics cards.
* Fixed Nikon capture failing after several captures.
* Fixed DV capture on Windows.
* Fixed go-motion when using virtual axes.
* Other stability and performance improvements.

Dragonframe 4.0.0

* Initial release.

Dragonframe 3 Software (License starts with “D3”)

DF3 Version History

Dragonframe 3.7.4

* Removed DSM2 license from activation screen for upgrade

Dragonframe 3.7.3

* Fixed mp4 export issues with macOS Mojave
* Fixed potential crash when switching scenes

Dragonframe 3.7.2

* Fixed Windows installer to be for all users
* Fixed Nikon D100 capture
* Fixed potential crash when loading certain image types

Dragonframe 3.7.1

* Fixed OpenGL error if live view JPEG can't be decoded (improves stability)
* Installer removes FTDI driver on macOS systems that no longer require it

Dragonframe 3.7.0

* Numerous OpenGL improvements.
* Improved support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).
* Improved Blackmagic Design connectivity.
* Fixed histogram blue/green channels.

Dragonframe 3.6.9

* Mac: Fixed startup spinning beachballs.
* Windows: Fixed Intel HD 7th Gen driver issue causing crazy blue artifacts on video assist.
* Windows: Fixed MJPG format with webcams.
* Windows: Request discrete graphics on dual-card NVidia and ATI machines.
* Other stability improvements.

Dragonframe 3.6.8

* Added macOS Sierra support.
* Improved audio performance on Windows.
* Fixed multiple test shots queuing up.
* Require even pixel width for AVI Uncompressed export.
* Stability improvements.

Dragonframe 3.6.7

* Fixed Canon EOS 1D III and 1DX image format list.
* DMX: Fixed ability to set levels by hand.
* Trial: Fixed Blackmagic capture during trial.
* DMX: Fixed scrolling down to channel 99.
* Arc: Fixed move test export cropping.
* Fixed hot key assignment issue with El Capitan.
* Fixed window modal dialog issue with El Capitan.

Dragonframe 3.6.5

* Fixed Canon EOS Rebel T5 (1200D) live view size.
* Windows: Keypad window stays on top of others.
* Fixed line-up layer scaling off-center.
* Line-up layer honors alpha levels.
* Fixed live view stacking that was broken in last version.
* Fixed short play speed changes.
* Fixed ProRes export failure with odd dimensions.
* Fixed losing audio track after Conform All.
* Allow for setting start frame to zero.

Dragonframe 3.6.4

* Added Canon EOS 5DS support.
* Added Canon EOS 5DS R support.
* OSX: Improve stability with Intel HD graphics.
* Export: Use smooth scaling for movie frames.
* Windows: Improve shutdown/logoff handling.

Dragonframe 3.6.3

* Added Canon EOS 750D (Digital Rebel T6i) support.
* Added Canon EOS 760D (Digital Rebel T6s) support.
* Added Nikon D5500 support.
* Capture: Fixed occasional capture failure with OS X Yosemite + Canon.
* Capture: Fixed partial thumbnail creation.
* Capture: Fixed shoot failure after canceling out of move dmx/moco.
* Export: Fixed audio cutting out halfway through mp4 export (OSX).
* Export: Fixed ProRes export crash with certain output sizes.
* Fixed missing increment editor buttons on Retina display (OSX).
* Arc: Fixed numeric entry in different locales (use US style).
* Cinematography: Fixed artifacts in live view focus rectangle.
* Cinematography: Added UHD (3840) 3D caliper sizing item.
* Cinematography: Fixed 3D calipers getting stuck off screen.
* Audio: Timeline scales centered at playhead.
* Audio: Fixed crash when switching take.
* X-Sheet: Store/restore x-sheet column widths.

Dragonframe 3.6.2

* Fixed duplicate scene allowing user to overwrite existing scene.
* Fixed corrupted JPEG high-res proxies when shooting RAW only formats.
* Fixed freeze with conform dialog warning.
* Fixed crash with mjp2/jpeg2000 movie files.
* Fixed Nikon live view not turning back on after capture.
* Arc: Fixed changing keyframe value resetting bezier handles.
* Mac: Fixed random freeze when quitting on OS X 10.10.
* Mac: Fix Microsoft LifeCam Studio settings.
* WinXP: Improve still camera detection and connection.
* Windows: Fix freeze when changing webcam output size.
* Windows: Fix Logitech C910/C920 focus controls.
* Windows: Improve webcam connection (HP, IPEVO)
* Windows: Warn user about VSFilter/DirectVodSub induced crashes.

Dragonframe 3.6.1

* Improved camera connectivity on Windows
* Fixed depth of field preview with Canon DSLRs
* Fixed Canon EOS 1000D live view magnification
* Fix RAW conversion on Windows
* Fix DNG export

Dragonframe 3.6.0

* Many stability improvements.
* Added Canon EOS 7D Mark II support
* Added Canon EOS 1200D (Digital Rebel T5) support
* Added Nikon D3200 support
* Added Nikon D3300 support
* Added Nikon D750 support
* Added Blackmagic Production Camera 4K (at 4K resolution)
* Added image sequence import

Dragonframe 3.5.9

* Added Nikon D810 and Nikon D4S support.
* Improved stability.
* Fixed default face set loading.
* Fixed crash with bad audio files.
* Fixed several printing issues.
* Changed "Show/Hide Cinematography" menu item to "Toggle Animation/Cinematography".
* Arc: Audio playback honors in and out markers.

Dragonframe 3.5.8

* Improved stability.
* Capture: Added 10-bit DPX capture from Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
* Capture: Fixed shoot multiple with live view magnification.
* Export: Fixed movie export timing with decimal fps.
* Export: Fixed portrait mode movie export.
* Cinematography: Fixed test shot thumbnail rotation when dragging.
* General: Report low disk space.
* Conform: Check disk space and report to user before conform.
* X-Sheet: Fixed "end frame" dialog going offscreen.
* Arc: Control more than 8 axes in jogpad mode.
* Arc: Fixed crash in jogpad mode.

Dragonframe 3.5.7

* Fixed sound not going to default audio output device (Mac).
* Fixed crash with wacom tablet attached (Mac).
* Fixed crash when double-clicking Dragonframe projects in file dialog (Win).

Dragonframe 3.5.6

* Fix crashes with Video Settings (in 3.5.5).
* Fix audio loading (broken in 3.5.5 on Mac) and program sounds.

Dragonframe 3.5.5

* Added support for Nikon D5300 and Nikon Df.
* Fixed Nikon focus area selection for some models (D5200, D610)
* Fixed Nikon D800 freezing during focus check.
* Mac : fixed crash with adding or removing monitors.
* Fixed Windows 8 memory leak (and subsequent crash) with mp4 export.
* Windows : closing Welcome screen from task bar doesn't leave Dragonframe running as background process.
* Fixed high-res proxy playback with newly created exposures.
* Fixed Snow Leopard file dialog freeze in Audio workspace.
* Nikon camera report focus failure during capture.
* Arc : Fixed motion control jog all crawling (DMC-16)
* Fixed DMX crash when setting keyframes from badge.

Dragonframe 3.5.4

* General : Added Nikon D610 support.
* General : Fixed update check reporting on program startup.
* General : Print to PDF if no real printer connected.
* General : Fixed action script on Windows.
* General : Added SAVE, EDIT actions to action script.
* General : Added file# to x-sheet export.
* Ani : Fixed aspect ratio mask resetting to custom setting.
* Ani : Fixed Animation workspace getting closed.
* Ani : Fixed Conform All conforming initial take.
* Ani : Improved handling of capture attempt while already capturing.
* Ani : Fixed undo with shoot multiple frames.
* Ani : Fixed playback out frame.
* Ani : Fixed timeline jumping after doing a hold.
* Audio : Fixed program crashing when playing sounds.
* Audio : Fixed handling when default audio device changes.
* Audio : Fixed audio change repaint in dmx, timeline, x-sheet.
* Audio : Fixed popping in imported audio.
* Export : Fixed Window mp4 export memory leak and subsequent crashes.
* Export : Fixed audio out point for movie exports.
* Export : Fixed crash during movie export after write error.
* Cine : Fixed live view orientation after clicking on test shot.
* Cine : Fixed aspect mask opacity slider when switching takes.
* Arc : Fixed DMC firmware update timing, waiting for it to finish properly.
* Arc : Configure moco devices after importing scene settings.
* Arc : Fixed arc select axis before first and after last keyframe.
* Arc : Fixed selecting and deleting targets.
* Arc : Fixed negative scaled moves.
* Arc : Implement IOTA controller limits for jogging and inching.
* Dmx : Fixed negative keyframes.

Dragonframe 3.5.3

* Fixed Intel GMA performance issues.
* Fixed Canon focus lockup on MacPro.
* Only allow one instance of application at once.
* Animation : Fixed live view magnification issues with portrait mode.
* Animation : Fixed crash with drawing layer.
* Animation : Fixed timeline jumping with "frame numbering on twos".
* Animation : Fixed drawing layer not properly loading in when switching takes.
* Cinematography : Fixed image info focal length display.
* Cinematography : Fixed color temperature not showing up in image info.
* Cinematography : Save/restore stereo caliper width and push-in choices.
* Cinematography : Fixed Cinematography workspace going all gray.
* Cinematography : Fixed Cinematography test shot thumbnails randomly scrolling around.
* Cinematography : Fixed IO image information going offscreen.
* Cinematography : After test shot is loaded, scroll to it.
* Cinematography : Fixed right-click in test shots selecting item first.
* Arc : Fixed slow test shot after motion control disconnect.
* Arc : Fixed jumping to last playback frame.
* Arc : Fixed jogging startup and improved performance.
* Arc : Clear 3D IO calculation after deleting keyframes.
* Arc : Fixed some jogging issues.
* Arc : Do not require rollback when getting in position for jogging.
* DMX : Fixed DMX program disappearing from DMX tree view after rearranging exposures.
* DMX : Fixed DMX lights coming back up after computer wakes from sleep.
* Potential fix for Windows mp4 export related crashes.
* Fixed camera test crashing when camera disconnects mid-test.
* Fixed some OpenGL initialization issues.
* Fixed issues with updating start and end frames.

Dragonframe 3.5.2

* Added Canon EOS 70D support.
* Fixed timeline jumping to a different section.
* Fixed bug that crashes/freezes program on switch to cinematography workspace.
* Arc real time playback warning adjusted by playback rate.
* Fixed Arc max live jog speed calculation.
* Fixed Arc jog all slider not returning to center after jogging to start or end.
* Disabled scroll wheel updating camera settings.
* Improved line-up layer and playback performance.
* Fixed animation palette and NavLine not showing up when entering animation workspace.
* Fixed capture blackout. It was happening before video assist.
* Fixed drawing vertical and horizontal hatches turning into crosshatches.
* Fixed Composition Guides showing up offscreen.
* Fixed Manage Takes dialog not updating Delete button properly.
* Fixed poor quality of Arc move test exported movie.
* Fixed potential crash with shoot multiple frames.
* Fixed multi-frame onionskin update issue.
* Fixed Arc keyframe selection indicator being off by one pixel sometimes.
* Fixed "step by holds" with hidden frames.
* "Step by Holds" is separate option in Capture menu.
* Stepping through timeline scrolls timeline if needed.
* Fixed crash with Auxiliary Monitor with no video source.
* Fixed arc "Upload Move" to DMC-16 after scaling or importing move.
* Fixed arc jog all buttons not working.
* Fixed arc live view turning on when live key pressed.
* Fixed image metadata not showing up when space was in file path (Windows).

Dragonframe 3.5.1

* Fixed timeline corruption when shooting multiples as a virtual hold after hidden frames.
* Shoot multiple popup now has checkbox for shooting as a virtual hold.
* Fixed crash with Export Still Image.
* Fixed Canon EOS 1100D live view size.
* Fixed Nikon D5100 live view auto shutoff.
* Fixed portrait mode view in DMX and Arc workspaces.
* Fixed live view status in Cinematography workspace.
* Windows : Fixed HDV artifacts.
* Fixed losing DMX program by deleting or reordering exposures.
* Video compression quality setting is now saved across scenes.
* Fixed auxiliary monitor on Retina display.
* Movie export shows file size and approximate bitrate.
* Windows : Fixed .mp4 (h.264) export creating empty file.
* Windows : Fixed colored folders not appearing.
* Fixed timeline issues after frame 1024.
* Fixed floating license support.
* Fixed jogpad keyboard focus issues.
* Mac : Fixed file dialog freeze for Folder Watching (OS X 10.6.8 only)
* Mac : Fixed incorrect reporting of crash when quitting application from Dock.
* Fixed crash with QuickTime reference movie.
* Fixed crash when cropping audio past end of track.
* Fixed crash when changing camera settings with popup box in Cinematography.
* Fixed ProRes color mismatch.
* Improved Conform progress bar accuracy.
* Audio lip-sync : Fixed copy/paste dialog/phonetics into another track/scene.
* Audio lip-sync : Fixed dialog/phonetics doing insert into of overwrite.
* Audio lip-sync : Fixed deleting text, having to click away.
* Audio lip-sync : Improved dialog/phonetics editing speed.
* Animation : Fixed onionskin slider to left of center.
* DMX : Fixed program name not showing up on Retina displays.
* Camera : Fixed Nikon camera tests failing when they should have succeeded.
* Mac : Fixed crash when pressing '0' on numeric keypad when numlock not on.
* Fixed crash when opening scene through Finder while program was in modal dialog.

Dragonframe 3.5.0

New Features for this Version

Dragonframe 3.5 is a complete rewrite of the software in C++, replacing
the Java version we have supported up until now. Overall it provides
improved performance with better resource (RAM/CPU) usage.

Important Changes

* We have dropped support for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard).
* We have dropped support for Canon PowerShot and Olympus cameras.

New Features and Improvements
* Faster loading of your project-frames are no longer loaded into RAM.
* No memory bar to constrain playback. You can play entire sequence of frames.
* Faster Live View rate (up to 30 FPS with Canon) with lower CPU usage.
* Improved Nikon and Canon connectivity.
* Major rework of frame hiding.
* Handles more audio file formats (wav, aac, aif, mp3).
* Retina (HI-DPI) assets on Mac.
* Mac Lion and Mountain Lion fullscreen support.
* Better line-up layer performance (no waiting for frames to load in).
* Simplified movie export options, with support for mp4 (H.264/ AAC) and Windows movie types (.avi).
* QuickTime not required on Windows.
* Webcam focus control (some Logitech models) with Arc programmability.
* Blackmagic capture device direct integration.
* Support for new camera models:
   Canon EOS 100D / EOS Digital Rebel SL1 / EOS Kiss X7
   Canon EOS 700D / EOS Digital Rebel T5i / EOS Kiss X7i
   Nikon D5200
   Nikon D7100
* Support for DMC-16 and real-time motion control.
* Motion control "move-shoot" mode and ability to send moco to different frames while animating.

Dragonframe 3.0.8

* Support for Canon EOS 6D.

Dragonframe 3.0.6

* Support for Nikon D600.

Dragonframe 3.0.5

* Support for Canon EOS 650D / Digital Rebel T4i.

Dragonframe 3.0.4

* Support for Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 1D X, and Canon 60Da.
* Support for Nikon D4, Nikon D800, and Nikon D800e.
* Improved support for Mark Roberts S3 Stereoscopic Slider.

Dragonframe 3.0.3

* Webcam control for white-balance, exposure and focus when available.
* Fix Canon RAW processing issue.
* Improve conform reliability.
* User guide updates.
* Fix startup issue with Chinese version.
* Improved DFMoco sketch for Arduino, chipKIT and Maple boards.
* Prompt user to zero all motors when quitting.

Dragonframe 3.0.2

* Major DMX workspace speed improvements.
* Fix trigger input for DDMX-S2/IOTA on Windows.
* Fix for Nikon D5100 on Windows.

Dragonframe 3.0.1

* Improved lip-sync audio sync with video.
* Updated DFMoco sketch for longer pulse widths and kill switch.
* French and Chinese language updates.
* QT export warning if files are corrupt/missing.
* Fix Windows audio playback issue.

Dragonframe 3.0.0

* Initial 3.0 release.

Dragon Stop Motion 2 Software (License starts with “D2”)

DSM2 Version History

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.8

* Improved startup on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
* Fixed Canon EOS 1000D focus check.
* Added support for DVCPRO cameras (requires codecs).
* Removed NumLock detection and reset.
* IIDC camera setting support restored, when using QT Legacy Capture devices.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.7

* Updated for Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
* Fixed Canon Powershot connectivity with Leopard and Snow Leopard running in 32-bit mode.
* Fixed Nikon D3X live view connectivity.
* Cinematography window properly updates camera settings display when switching takes.
* Improved French translation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.5

* Added support for Canon EOS 600D/T3i and 1100D/T3. (No PPC support).
* Fixed blank frames and long delays with video source capture.
* Audio scrubbing on step-to frame (was on step-from frame previously).
* Fixed issues with non-ASCII characters on Windows.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.3

* Fixed QuickTime line-up layer crash on Windows.
* Fixed live view magnification when image is rotated/flipped.
* Fixed program sounds playback on some Windows systems.
* Fixed importing of camera settings from another scene.
* Improved German translation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.2

* Fixed Nikon D7000 issue with installer.
* Fixed line-up layer frame loading issue.
* Improved playback with audio window open.
* Improved Spanish translation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.1

* Added Nikon D7000 Support
* Fixed 3D Stereo QuickTime Export

Dragon Stop Motion 2.3.0

* Multiple language interface.
* Improved audio editing.
* Improved hot key configuration.
* Numerous improvements to DMX interface.
* Added X-Sheet export to CSV/Excel.
* Fixed lock-up during playback with toggle on.
* Fixed line-up layer not updating with latest QT.
* Hides serial number from interface.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.2.1

* Fixed missing opacity slider in tool palette.
* Fixed line-up movie showing when stepping past live frame.
* Improved capture blackout across all monitors.
* Fixed capture blackout issues on XP.
* Added ESC key closes blackout window.
* Fixed DV input on Mac PPC computers running Leopard.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.2.0

* 3D Stereo Review: View anaglyphs, set convergence or edge float, and adjust interocular distances.
* 3D Test Shots: Take 3D test shots and use the 3D review tools to evaluate them.
* 3D Playback: Play 3D sequences using anaglyphs or transparencies in color or black and white.
* Export Stereo (3D) QuickTime: Export 3D sequences to QuickTime.
* Improved DMX Keyframe Editing: Select multiple keyframes and drag them on the timeline to change timing.
* Collapsible Cinematography Tools: Collapse tools like the Digital Densitometer or Camera Control when you're not using them.
* Cinematography Image Export: Export still images the way they appear in the Cinematography window.
* Improved Canon EOS connection reliability.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.1.0

* Auxiliary monitor support
* Image sequence export
* Advanced composition guides
* Punch-In for animation
* Automation of lighting and external devices with DDMX-S2 or IOTA Controller
* Automation of 3D shooting with IOTA Stereoscopic Slider

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.6

* Fixed thumbnail creation on secondary drive/volume.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.5

* Added Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i) support.
* Fixed Canon EOS 50D/7D/5D MkII auto-focus with digital lens.
* Fixed Canon EOS 7D lock-up with Depth-of-Field preview enabled.
* Fixed frame number mix-up when SHOOT pressed too quickly.
* Fixed error caused by pressing DELETE during capture.
* Application shows up in Snow Leopard OS X Server.
* Fixed create/rename new folder in Save As dialog (Windows).
* Avoids connection to problematic CellSoft DSLR Source (Windows).

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.4

* Added support for Canon 1D Mark IV.
* Fixed Nikon preview stills mode with RAW image capture.
* Fixed Nikon capture status after failed capture.
* Fixed Nikon occasional hang with RAW + JPG capture.
* Fixed hang on Mac when closing video/iSight connection.
* Added specific warnings about focus and mirror-up capture errors.
* Fixed Windows XP launch errors.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.3

* Fixed Canon hang when extending shutdown timer.
* Fixed Canon crash when quitting application (rare).
* Option to use QuickTime legacy video connectivity for greater control.
* Fixed capture devices not showing up because initial dimensions weren't available.
* Added latest Nikon modules for Windows 7.
* Fixed MacOS issue with unplugging external drive while working.
* Fixed QuickTime export pre-crop when project is on external drive.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.2

* Added Canon 7D and Nikon D300S support.
* Cutback with delete now deletes the frame you cut back to.
* Auto-detect cameras with new scene waits for camera list to be updated once.
* Fix instability with HDV source in Snow Leopard.
* Fix generic PTP camera interface connecting to Canon/Nikon cameras.
* Reduce threads communicating with 64-bit helper application.
* Fixed error when setting 'open with' image application.
* Playhead stays where it was after an edit occurs.
* Fixed a division-by-zero error.
* Keypad DELETE for Dragon Controller shows on correct key.
* Fix exposure preview offset for Canon 5D Mk II.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.1

* Added feedback after reporting a problem or submitting camera report.
* Fixed startup for 32-Bit Intel Macs with Snow Leopard.
* Fixed auto-toggle frames (was off by one).
* Fixed cut/copy/paste of frames in middle of sequence.
* Fixed wifi card detection on Vista.
* Fixed startup issue after deactivating license.
* Fixed Nikon crash when taking preview frame.
* Improved 64-bit to 32-bit process communication.
* Fixed memory leak in Canon live view implementation.

Dragon Stop Motion 2.0.0

Initial release.

DMC-32/DMC-16/DMC+ Resources

DMC-32 User Guide

DMC-16 User Guide

DMC+ User Guide

DMC-32 Firmware

Version History

DMC32 4.5.2

* Fix swapped meter and shutter signals.

DMC32 4.5.1

* Exit screensaver when USB changes or LTC changes

DMC32 4.5.0

* Transmit LTC status to Dragonframe, to show in UI (DF 5.3)
* Make sure LTC is running before syncing
* Added 'screensaver' after 15 minutes with no activity

DMC32 4.4.9

* Do not hang at start of real-time playback if LTC is frozen

DMC32 4.4.8

* Ensure that DMX-programmed triggers are in frame 1 state during real-time pre-roll

DMC32 4.4.7

* Hard stop during jog all will stop more quickly, not trying to reach next frame (DF5+ only)

DMC32 4.4.6

* Fixed hard stop handling while rig is backing up to run a move live

DMC32 4.4.5

* Increased position update notification rate during jogging

DMC32 4.4.4

* Fixes Swing/Pan virtuals mode

DMC32 4.4.3

* Fixes AIM point + nodal offset issue

DMC32 4.4.2

* Updates PIC firmware for improved reliability

DMC32 4.4.0

* Hard stop considers soft limits
* Report PIC communication failure
* Avoid PIC communication failure. Should ensure motors can go in both directions.

DMC32 4.3.0

* Added continuous real-time looping or ping-pong playback. (DF 5.1+)

DMC32 4.2.6

* Fixed pre-roll getting stuck

DMC32 4.2.5

* Fixed regression in 4.2.4 with running moves live

DMC32 4.2.4

* Fixed continuous hard stop failure when using animator controlled axes

DMC32 4.2.3

* Fixed DMX turning off when playing live move past end up uploaded move

DMC32 4.2.2

* Fixed cartesian virtuals jog speeds

DMC32 4.2.1

* Fixed bloop during live move

DMC32 4.2.0

* Initial DMC-32 public firmware

zDMC Firmware for DF4+

For DMC-16 or DMC+ with ‘z’ upgrade card. Scene|Connections status shows “zDMC-16” or “zDMC+”.

Version History

zDMC 4.4.8

* Ensure that DMX-programmed triggers are in frame 1 state during real-time pre-roll

zDMC 4.4.7

* Hard stop during jog all will stop more quickly, not trying to reach next frame (DF5+ only)

zDMC 4.4.6

* Fixed hard stop handling while rig is backing up to run a move live

zDMC 4.4.5

* Increased position update notification rate during jogging

zDMC 4.4.4

* Fixes Swing/Pan virtuals mode

zDMC 4.4.3

* Fixes AIM point + nodal offset issue

zDMC 4.4.0

* Hard stop considers soft limits

zDMC 4.3.0

* Added continuous real-time looping or ping-pong playback. (DF 5.1+)

zDMC 4.2.6

* Fixed pre-roll getting stuck

zDMC 4.2.5

* Fixed regression in 4.2.4 with running moves live

zDMC 4.2.4

* Fixed continuous hard stop failure when using animator controlled axes

zDMC 4.2.3

* Fixed DMX turning off when playing live move past end up uploaded move

zDMC 4.2.2

* Fixed cartesian virtuals jog speeds

zDMC 4.2.1

* Fixed bloop during live move

zDMC 4.1.5

* Added alternate go-motion algorithm

zDMC 4.1.4

* Aim point "cylinder of death" is configurable

zDMC 4.1.2

* Allow two motors to be coupled together

zDMC 4.1.0

* Do not permit engaging aim point while directly in column of death

zDMC 4.0.9

* Flash e-stop when triggered from Dragonframe

zDMC 4.0.8

* Initial zDMC release
* Aim point
* Program logic and relay outputs via DMX timeline

DMC Firmware for DF4+

For DMC-16 or DMC+ without upgrade card. Scene|Connections status shows “DMC-16” or “DMC+”.

Version History

DMC 2.4.0

* Prevent potential slow stall-outs when stopping while jogging very slowly.

DMC 2.3.8

* Improved performance to help with losing steps in virtuals.

DMC 2.3.7

* Improve speed handling in virtuals to account for motor max velocity.

DMC 2.0.0

* Updated protocol for speed and accuracy, for DF4.

Firmware for DF3

The license manager provides an alternative activation method for schools and large institutions with many Dragonframe licenses. Contact support for more information.

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