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EOS Live View Correction Cap

The EOS Live View Correction Cap for Canon EOS DSLRs corrects a compatibility issue between the camera and non-digital lenses, making it possible to match live view with actual camera exposure.

This is made for Canon EF/EF-S mount bodies.
It is not needed for Canon RF mount bodies (mirrorless).

It is made of anodized, machined aluminum.

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EOS Live View Correction Cap

About the EOS Live View Correction Cap

The EOS Live View Correction Cap is designed to reset the Live View Exposure Preview level in Canon EOS camera bodies.

The Issue

Many of the EOS cameras have a setting called “Exposure Simulation.” This setting is designed to ensure the Live View image brightness matches the actual photos shot. Unfortunately Canon drops the ball with non-digital lenses. The camera actually knows the current correct exposure, hence the ability for the light metering to be correct, but fails to communicate properly to the internal “Live View Exposure Preview Calculator.” Instead, the internal calculation is locked—based on the last digital lens attached to the camera.

The Solution

The live view correction cap is an EOS body cap with a chip that mimics many settings on a Canon digital lens. You place the cap on your EOS camera body and follow our directions to effectively “Zero” the frozen f-stop setting from the last digital lens used.

When you remove the cap the Exposure Preview will be set correctly. The camera will stay zeroed and the internal Exposure Preview Calculator will then work properly—until the next digital lens is connected to the camera.

Major studios are currently using the cap on their feature productions.


EOS Live View Cap Instructions:


Hardware Warranty:

DZED Limited Warranty – 2 Year

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