In the Animation workspace you typically are looking at the live view and stepping back to other video assist images you already captured. These should always line up perfectly. Now, you switch to view the high-resolution proxies in the animation workspace, because you want to see your “real” images. But when you step between live and the other frames, the image doesn’t line up perfectly.

There is no real solution to this problem. Dragonframe gets the live view and the high-resolution images directly from the camera. Unfortunately these are not framed exactly the same, and so they will just be off. But that’s why we have the live view, so you can animate with it.

If this is super important to you, there is something you can try. You may find that certain image sizes have framing that more closely matches the live view. You can adjust the image size in the Cinematography window’s Camera Settings, and compare to the live view. For example, the Large JPEG might use a slightly different section of the sensor than the Medium JPEG. You can experiment to see which matches the best.

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