If you are using a digital lens (not a manual aperture lens), then the live view and high-resolution images will have different aperture values, and therefore different depth-of-field and focus range. This is because the camera keeps the aperture wide open during live view, giving a shallow depth-of-field and a small focus range. If your high-resolution image has a stopped down aperture, like f/22, it will have a large depth-of-field and large focus range. Possible solutions:

  • Accept this difference and live with it.
  • Switch to a manual aperture lens with a lens adapter.
  • If you are using a Canon camera, you can set the live view to use depth of field preview. In Dragonframe 5+, this is in the Camera Settings section of the Cinematography workspace. In older versions press Command-K (Ctrl-K Windows) to open the video settings, and turn on depth of field preview there.
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