Windows Only: Dragonframe 3.5+ uses OpenGL v2.1 to provide high-performance graphics processing.

If the driver for your graphics card does not support OpenGL 2.1, Dragonframe will give you a message like this:

  • “The driver for your graphics card is too old and must be updated.”
  • “Dragonframe requires OpenGL 2.1. Your graphics/driver card is using OpenGL 1.4.”

Additionally, if you have an Intel HD graphics card on Windows XP/7, you may get a message like this:

  • “The driver for your graphics card is too old and must be updated.
    (You are running Intel 2.1.0 – Build”

If this is the case, there is a good chance you can resolve the problem by updating the driver for your graphics card. (Intel HD on Windows XP/7 requires driver or newer).

Generally, the Device Manager’s option to check for driver updates will NOT work. It always says your graphics card driver is up to date.

One option is to check your computer manufacturer’s website for drivers specific to your model.

Alternatively, you may need to visit the graphics card maker to get the latest driver:

For Intel Integrated Graphics cards, please find your latest driver here:

For nVidia graphics cards, you can find the drivers here:

For ATI/AMD graphics cards, the drivers are here:

Also, if you have a laptop with both an integrated and discrete graphics cards, see if you have the option of always using the discrete card with Dragonframe. In general they perform much better than the Intel integrated cards.

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