Many devices, including our own, use a VCP (virtual COM port) chip from FTDI to communicate with a computer.The driver situation for this type of device is a little bit messy.

  • For Windows, you should not need to install drivers, but you can install the VCP drivers from FTDI if you want.
  • For Ubuntu, you do not need to install drivers.
  • For macOS 10.9+, you should not install drivers.

Of course, if you install drivers, please restart your system before trying again.

On macOS, you may still run into issues where the device is not detected. This could be due to another driver from FTDI being present.

Look for this file:
(Please note this is from the computer root, not your user location)

If you have that file, it means another application installed it in order to prevent the VCP drivers from loading. For example, the Kessler kOS software does this.

If that is installed, you will need to do the following before running Dragonframe:

Open a Terminal (in Applications | Utilities).

Type the following command to unload the D2xxHelper:
sudo kextunload -b com.FTDI.driver.D2xxHelper

(This will ask for your password. It is your computer password. It will not show while you type.)

Then type this command:
sudo kextload -b

At that point, you can plug in a device, wait about thirty seconds, and it should show in the Scene | Connections screen.

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