On Windows, we have seen some cases that lead to the program freezing or hanging when the user opens a scene or creates a new scene.

Usually the main application window will be white, and the program hangs.

Here are the different reasons this can happen.

Monitor Plugged Into Wrong Port

If your computer has a dedicated graphics card, make sure all monitors are plugged into it directly.

We have seen numerous problems when one monitor is plugged into the integrated card on the motherboard.

Spatial Sound Processing Software: Sonic Studio or Nahimic

If you have a gaming laptop, and Dragonframe freezes when using dual monitors, this is probably the cause.

These sound programs try to enhance sound by injecting themselves into OpenGL calls.

For Nahimic, disable the “Nahimic” service in the Windows Services Control Panel.

For Sonic Studio, uninstall the software.

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