You want to have a grow light on for the time between shots, then have it turn off and other lights turn on prior to capturing the image.

You can accomplish this with the bash light program.

The bash light is normally used as a way to provide extra light for the animator while setting up a shot. So it is on while using the live view, but then turns off before taking the hi-res capture. You can read about the bash program in the User Guide.

Set up a bash light program that has the grow lights enabled.

If you need an extended delay between turning off the bash light and capturing the image, you can adjust the “Bash light settle time.” You can find this setting in the DMX settings window (gear near the top left of DMX).

So, the grow light is enabled, either as a DMX channel, or as a trigger/relay output, on the bash program.

When the program goes to shoot, it captures the live view, then switches from the Bash to the main program. It waits for “Bash light settle time”, then takes the picture.

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