We understand that many schools have been forced to look for ways to get students working from home during the world-wide health crisis, and that some schools continue to need a solution for remote setups.

We have now developed a system for schools to manage these temporary student licenses on their own.

Getting Set Up to Manage Licenses

In order to manage temporary student licenses:

  • You must have an account on our site. You can register for an account if you don’t have one. [Register Account]
  • The account must be set up as an Educational account. If you are logged in and go to your account details page, it will say at the bottom if you have Educational pricing. If not, you can request it. [Account details]
  • The email address of the account must match the email address of the licenses. If not, you will need to sort this out with support.

Once you have met that criteria, your account dashboard will have a Licenses area that shows your existing licenses. [Licenses]

Creating Temporary Student Licenses

In the Licenses section, you will see each of your school’s licenses.
Each license will show a seat count. This is how many computers can be running the software at once, according to the license agreement.

There will also be a link, Convert to Temporary Individual Licenses.
If you click this link:

  • Any machine currently using the license will be deactivated. (You cannot use the license until you convert it back from temporary licenses.)
  • Our server will generate temporary student licenses. It will generate 2 * seat count licenses.

Once the licenses are generated, the page will allow you to enter an email address and click Assign.
This will send an email to the student with the license and a link to download the software.

At any point, you can Revoke a license that has been assigned in the past.
This will send an email to the student to let them know their license is expired.
It will also generate a new license that you can assign to a different student.

Convert License Back to Regular License

When students can return back to on-campus labs, you may want to remove the temporary licenses and start using the original license again.

Any license that has been converted to temporary individual licenses will have a link, Convert Back to Standard License.
If you click this link:

  • All temporary student licenses will be deactivated.
  • The license will be restored and ready to activate locally.

Please contact [email protected] if you need help with this.

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