You shoot some animation, then you export it, and see your hands in the shot. They aren’t there when you play the animation in Dragonframe. What’s going on? Dragonframe always records a video assist and a hi-res separately–even if you are shooting video. So what’s happening is that your video assist frames are fine, but then you are sticking your hand in the shot while Dragonframe is capturing the “high res” frames. You can find further explanation on page 1 of the user guide.

Dragonframe gives you three cues to know when shooting is finished:

  • The “READY TO CAPTURE” sign at the top disappears while it is busy, and reappears when it is ready.
  • The progress bar will appear in the middle of the screen while it is busy.
  • When it is done capturing an image, it plays a small beep sound.

Now, when you export a movie or image sequence, you can choose the source. If you want to make one from your video assist frames, it will look how it did in the animation window.

You can also review your hi-res images at any point in the Cinematography workspace.

Also, in the Animation workspace, you can toggle between the video assist frames and the final capture images by pressing the button with four small diamonds in the shape of a larger diamond. This allows you to preview your high-res playback as you animate.

One reason there is a separate “high-res” capture source for video is that you can add frame averaging (video sources only), which greatly reduces video noise, and you can save your images in TIFF format instead of JPEG. Also, with very high-resolution cameras (such as 1920×1080 HD or 1600×1200 video cameras) the video assist will be stored at a lower resolution, and the high-resolution captures will be full size.

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