Your camera is supported and set up properly, but the software is not detecting it. Or the software sees the camera but then stops working after a while. There are a variety of connectivity issues that people experience, but the causes are usually the same. So we will start with likely causes first:

  • The USB cable is too long.
  • The USB cable is defective.
  • The USB port on the computer/hub or camera is damaged.
  • The power supply to the camera is interrupted.

As you can see, many of the problems have to do with USB connectivity. Therefore, when you have camera issues, we recommend that you switch back to a simple setup and test the camera and software:

  • Use a short USB cable (preferably the one that came with the camera).
  • Plug the USB cable directly into the computer (not through a hub).
  • Power the camera over AC.

If this setup works, slowly change your configuration to identify the problem.

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