The live view the Dragonframe receives from digital still cameras is almost always 8-bit JPEG images in sRGB. There is simply not enough information, and not in the correct format, to apply a LUT to. In any case, it probably wouldn’t match if you applied the same LUT to the captured still image.

This is just how things are in still photography. It’s not really a limitation of Dragonframe.

If you have a command line tool that can process the RAW file and then add the look you want, it’s possible to recreate the JPG proxies that are viewed in Dragonframe. This would only be for the high-res still images, though, and not for the animator’s live view.

In general, though, it is simply not necessary for an animator to have the ‘final look’ as they animate.

Just make sure that images are properly exposed and in focus. You can adjust your final look at a later stage, when you process your RAW files for post-production.

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