If Dragonframe’s window is entirely black when you start it, or if the program gives you warning about graphics card misconfiguration, this information is for you.

Many computers have two graphics cards. One that comes with the motherboard, usually an Intel integrated card. Then there may be a secondary, more advanced card, from NVidia or AMD.

Dragonframe needs to run using the more advanced card, and may have issues if you have set it to run on the integrated Intel card.

One way this can happen is if you plug the monitor directly into the HDMI/VGA/DVI port on the motherboard, instead of going into the separate graphics card. When you have a graphics card from NVidia or AMD, it will provide its own ports to plug into. If you plug into the wrong one, applications cannot use the better card.

Another way this can happen is if you configure your system to make Dragonframe run on the Intel card. NVidia and AMD provide software that lets you choose which graphics card to run specific applications on. You may need to look in that software and make sure Dragonframe is set to run on the proper card.

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