Dragonframe 5 Development

Dragonframe 5 Development

Dragonframe 5 Upgrade: If you purchased Dragonframe 4 on/after May 1, 2020 we have given you a free upgrade to Dragonframe 5. Use our Find Your License page to retrieve your license.

This will install a Dragonframe 5 Beta application.

Release Notes

Dragonframe 5.0.12347

* Added dummy camera (enable in Preferences | Capture)

* Axis configuration lets you assign camera to any axis, so that live view changes to it
* Updated Japanese, French, German and Portuguese translations
* Possible fix for Linux Fujifilm X-T3 freeze
* Updated Monogram Creative Console setup instructions

* Updated French and Japanese translations

* Added Nimbus+ gamepad definition
* Use macOS h264 (mp4) encoder on macOS

* Updated German translation

* Updated Korean translation

* Fix macOS crash creating new scene folders

* User guide edits
* Added Fuji GFX 100S support
* Fixed notepad alert symbol on smallest text size
* Fixed drag and drop of x-sheet notes

* Added Panasonic DC-S5 support
* Added Sony A1 support
* Fixed DMX values showing as -1
* Major rework of 'ready to capture' to ensure no live view magnification capture errors
* All raw files to be used as reference layer images

* Ask user if they want to create a new exposure when adding new camera.
* Updated Japanese translations.
* Fixed name of Cubic spline tool.
* Fixed Windows power handling.
* Warn if user configures axis for 'motor coupling' but device does not support it.

* Fixed orientation when using previous frames of animation for "compare with live"
* Fixed making-of motion detection being activated by motion control movement
* Fixed making-of delete frame with double-tap DELETE key

* Updated DF5 user guide. Find it in program Help menu.
* Graphical tweaks

* Fixed macOS 10.13 crash with mp4 export.
* Fixed crash with 'Load Past Takes' reference layer.
* Added preference for double-tap LIVE to _not_ toggle between cameras.
* Added Intel RealSense support for Apple Silicon and resolved lockups on macOS.
* Added 3Dconnexion support for Apple Silicon.

* Monogram Creative Console integration update to create axes as they are made in Arc
* Added Camera Trigger (Meter, Shutter) test to Triggers screen
* Prevent axis table editing while 'on camera'
* Updated Workspace Icons

* Resolved some DMX table/badge display issues with fixtures
* Added alternative go-motion solution

* Performance improvement with reference movies (multi-threaded decoding enabled)
* Make sure movie player stays active with Moco test moves, run live
* More DMX UI tweaks

* Added reference player full-screen mode
* DMX UI tweaks

* Fixed potential crash creating new scene

* Shoot in reverse - fix backlash rollback
* Shoot in reverse - fix 'reshoot frames'
* Reference layers can be played in reverse

* DMX easier to choose badge color from pop-up menu
* DMX fixture badge shows start frame number
* DMX keyframes default to 0.5 smoothing (instead of linear)

* Canon EOS R5 'shaking' fix

* Start of audio visual tweaks

* New increment editor 'tick playback' option
* Fixed issue with movie export size not restoring
* ARC Aim Point 'cylinder of death' is configurable in virtuals config
* Added 'import media layers' to scene import window
* Possible fix for playback not starting in audio workspace

* OSC output use float instead of double for greater compatibility
* New multi-toggle must be turned on by alt-clicking icon or holding down key
* DMX channel import/export carries name, color, profile over
* Floating keypad updates icons to represent alterative actions (ping-ping vs loop, black vs live frames)

* Fixed OSC output
* Clarified raw move export axis selection
* Added option to export movie in reverse
* 'Import Scene Settings' drawings now includes x-sheet drawing
* Added zoom handling for iOS and Android via DF Tether
* Potential fix for spurious magic mouse clicks on popup menus
* Clarify 'zero all axes' menu choice and require confirmation

* Added synthesized dimmers for RGB/CWWW lights
* More Cine UI tweaks

* Added motion control run live speeds of 1fps and 2fps
* More Cinematography UI color tweaks
* Fixed Windows serial port lockup

* Continued UI tweaks
* Motion control "axis go to frame" dialog reworked to handle 32 or more axes
* Added Sony FX3 support
* Fixed scrolling around Cinematography multiple exposures
* Fixed drawing layer offset in ARC

* Improved DMX keyframe selection with graph mode channels--only select keyframes in selection rectangle
* Start of Animation workspace UI updates for DF5
* Improved RED camera support, with capture over WiFi now possible
* Windows show error if computer has dedicated graphics card but DF is using Intel integrated

* Drawing elements (including Arc axis lines) that are selected are brought to front
* Provide separate 'waiting for DMX' and 'waiting for Moco' messages, when appropriate
* Add color temperature and tint to DMX light fixture RGB/HSI color editor, when those are part of fixture

* Added move test filtering to Arc
* Minor Arc UI adjustments

* Rework ARC live view icons and move test management
* Custom DMX color chooser for RGB/HSI fixtures
* DMX Hue channels now show 0-360

* Fixed crashes when creating new scene or conforming, that were introduced in last update

* UI color adjustments

* Fixed crash when closing axis configuration after an error
* Added low-level attempt to reconnect to serial port when communication fails

* Fixed DMX table arithmetic issues
* Start of visual update
* Import scene settings handle if you select take folder within scene
* Added take description field editing to more places
* Added options to output motor positions via OSC
* Added Hive lighting fixture definitions

* Fixed composition guide import

* Updated floating keypad window and keypad focus controls

* New Litegear light fixture profiles
* New Astera light fixture profiles

* Couple output motors together (zDMC 4.1.2 fw required)

* Fixed EDL issue
* Additional MonogramCC control options

* Enable fractional display scaling

* ARRI RAW support for Apple Silicon

* Support for DF Tether 2.0 WiFi capture for iOS/Android
* Fixed 'No Mask' asking for custom mask
* Fixed shutter speed not resetting properly

* Custom icons for animator moco.
* Adjustable inching rate for animator moco.
* ARC import move allows importing only keyframes
* ARC does not allow you to engage virtuals if underlying motors are disabled

* Fixed bizarre timeline bug causing frame numbers to start over
* Fixed time estimator when shooting all frames for exposure before moving to next

* Added "Load Past Takes" reference layer
* Digital focus improvements
* Animator moco control improvements

* Improved digital focus controls, geared towards Canon FPM

* Animation focus keypad controls
* Canon FPM re-calibrate after attaching lens
* No enabling AIM point while over column of death

* Autodesk FBX camera import/export

* Changed 'Object Tracking' to 'Aim Point'

* New object tracking icons and collapsed object editing
* Arc: show move test while dragging white go-to playhead

* Fixed DMX Fixture start channel not being used
* Added jog-on-line for vPAN and vTILT to account for vROLL

* DMX special handlers for Color Temperature and Green-Magenta point
* Fixed log filling up with movie decode errors

* Fixed object tracking going around back of object
* Added fixture name and mode to UI

* Clear object tracking with new take or switching take
* Fixed jog-on-line + object tracking

* Making-of exposure

* Slit-scan style go-motion

* Triggers can be programmed via DMX workspace

* Improved light fixture selection.

* DMX fixtures + group revamp

* Canon EOS R6 movie formats and recording

* DMX "Graph Mode" start
* DMX scroll while dragging
* DMX search shows hidden channels
* DMX 24-bit channel support
* Fixed reference layer blending
* Fuji X-Pro3

* DMX Fixtures (work in progress)

* DMX search bar
* DMX 'threads'

* Edit text drawing node in place
* Compute positions in parallel
* Improve Arc rendering speed
* Improve keyframe smoothing performance

* Fixed rounding errors when dragging multiple keyframes up or down.
* Added numeric keypad control to jog motor for Calibrate Axis dialog
* Cine: turn on live view if you start modifying camera settings
* Added zoom option to iPhone Dragonframe Tether
* Fixed tooltip style (text wasn't visible)

* Composite export
* Fixed dark mode style issues

macOS Intel + ARM64 Universal

* Safe Move window

* Fancier shoot progress bar

* Multiple camera support
* Intel RealSense depth camera support

Additional Downloads

DMC Firmware for DF5+

zDMC Firmware Release Notes

Dragonframe 4.1.5

* Added alternate go-motion algorithm

Dragonframe 4.1.4

* Aim point "cylinder of death" is configurable

Dragonframe 4.1.2

* Allow two motors to be coupled together

Dragonframe 4.1.0

* Do not permit engaging aim point while directly in column of death

Dragonframe 4.0.9

* Flash e-stop when triggered from Dragonframe

Dragonframe 4.0.8

* Initial zDMC release
* Aim point
* Program logic and relay outputs via DMX timeline

DF Tether for Android

What’s New


  • Support for Apple M1 Silicon (ARM64)
  • Multiple camera support (up to four) – for additional hi-res capture or video assist
  • Separate Drawing Layers and References for each magnification view or alternative video assist
  • “Making-of” capture integrated into the animation process Instructions
  • Support for fractional display scaling on Windows and Linux (125%, 150%, etc)
  • Recover from conform failure
  • Emojis in drawing layer text, notes
  • Support Monogram Creative Console (Palette Gear) for various tasks
  • Added a time estimate for long shoot multiple and move tests
  • Added a composite movie export option
  • Added a reverse export option
  • Added a multiple-frame auto toggle
  • Added keypad focus control in animation workspace
  • Added ‘Past Takes’ reference layer to make it easier to refer to previous takes
  • Drawing tool increment editor ticks can now show during animation or playback
  • Reference movie player can go full screen

Camera Support

  • Support for Android and iOS devices over WiFi via DF Tether 2.0
  • Support for Intel RealSense depth cameras
  • Improved RED support with capture over WiFi now possible


  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Graph mode to program with curves
  • Program triggers (logic out and relay) via timeline
  • Load test shots at full size
  • Full DMX export/import
  • Added search bar to more easily find lights
  • Added ‘thread’ to visually tie badges to area in image

Motion Control

  • Added “aim point” (with virtuals)
  • Autodesk FBX import/export of camera (with virtuals)
  • Safe move browser
  • Programmable, repeatable focus with Canon FPM camera+lens combos
  • Programmable shutter speed
  • Go motion can be enabled/disabled per exposure
  • Record axis animation, for set or prop movers
  • Couple two motor outputs (zDMC only)
  • Output motor positions via OSC
  • Move tests can be shot in reverse (for speedier turnaround)


  • Added “replace audio file” option


  • Custom script actions can be assigned to hotkeys and called from Dragonframe
  • OSC scripting can now have multiple calls for one action