Vacanze Romane By Virgilio Villoresi

“The creative process becomes very elaborated when collaborating with brands like Bulgari,” director Virgilio Villoresi told us of his commercial for Bulgari jewelry. “Usually people call me because they want my signature style or some kind of creative input connected to what I created during these years…Stop motion animation can provide me with a lot of creative possibilities and, as I always say before the shooting, improvisation is what I love and my source of inspiration.”

In Vacanze Romane, Villoresi’s signature look of incorporating well lit products into stylized stop motion brings to life the fine jewlery of the Italian brand, Bulgari. In this sparkling tour of Rome, shiny white with gold trim Vespas and Fiats speed around colorful pop-ups of the city’s sites, as Bulgari baubles pour out and into the classic Italian modes of transport.

“The hardest part is imagining the whole story before, and figuring out the entire narration sitting on a table, in order to give clients the storyboard they need,” Villoresi continued. “My real artistic freedom relies between one shot and the other, a storyboard drawing and the next; in the land of what isn’t yet “approved” by the brand. This is where I can truly represent myself and my creative exponential at his best, cause this is where I can improvise and create experimental animation link, thanks to stop motion animation.”

Villoresi’s artistic freedom seems to be brought with great success here, although he admited to some challenges. “For sure, Bulgari jewels have been a big challenge. Inserting aluminium rigs inside them was not easy and what I could do was very limited. In Bulgari’s Viper, the animated rings were often half connected to the background because the 180° rolls, as they appear in the video, were made by turning upside down only the T-Rex lens itself, nor the rings or the camera.”

We were glad to hear that the software helped. “I have to say I’m a real Dragon addicted. I really think my animation works wouldn’t be this advanced without your support. I’m not telling that cause I’m talking to you, but you did an extraordinary work that lets me manage my work like I never did before.”

So glad to hear it, Virgilio. Can’t wait to see what you do with it next!