Our latest pick is Steve Warne’s music video for Trevor Powers’ song “Film it All” off his new album “Mulberry Violence.” The beautifully wrought piece grapples with unease over the omnipresence of cameras in society today. In it, the main character uses a camera as a kind of weapon in an apocalyptic setting filled with warm light and fiery skies.

One of the most striking things about the video is all of the movement Warne achieves: from clay hair blowing in the breeze, to the reflection of a face rippling in water. As the piece progresses, the movement becomes almost psychedelic as more motion blur and distortion techniques are employed, adding to the growing tension reflected in the song. Once the tension has reached its peak and the song goes quiet, we are left with a solitary image of an eye-in-the-sky camera with a single butterfly taking off from it–a quiet, almost eerie peace ensues as the scene goes dark.

Trevor Powers is an American musician based in Boise, ID. For this latest album, he recorded for six weeks on a Texas ranch in a process of fusing together elements recorded over the past two years with textures, arrangements, and programming created at the ranch. Steve Warne is a celebrated animator whose accomplishments include work on “Frankenweenie,” “The Isle of Dogs,” and “Kubo and the Two Strings,” among others.