Every year in May, Filmed by Bike hosts a film festival in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. Filmed by Bike started in 2003 as a small fundraiser for bike events in a micro-theater with 60 attendees. Their focus was on filmmaking done from the seat of a bicycle.

Filmed by Bike movies are now seen all over the world and their screenings regularly sell out. The festival is now quite large and has moved to the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, where they award the best movies filmed from a bike and curate inspiring bike movies collections.

This year, for their 16th annual festival, Director Lars C Larsen created a trailer for the event featuring painting with light via stop motion. Here, leaps and circles of light create words and highlight cameras and bike parts, echoing the circular movements of the bikes themselves. The kinetic energy of the piece is infectious and one is left with a new curiosity: what does it mean for something to be filmed from a bike and how can I see more?