Recently we caught up with Director Matteo Burani to hear about the vibey video he did for the Husky Loops’ song, “Every Time I Run.” The video lures looming, pale puppets and their shadows to bring the British band’s song to life.“When the band contacted me to make the video I immediately thought: Ok, this reflects exactly how I feel every day,” he told us. “I created a stop motion animation video giving my take on it, but remaining true to the meaning of the lyrics.

“I turned the musicians into puppet characters, and came up with big and evil shadows. The video took shape from the idea of creating something that is aesthetically different and alienating through puppet animation.”

Burani spoke of an intense 51 day production, which kept a tight team of four people at work, often round the clock. “The project itself was a real challenge for the short time we had available, but I still was focused on quality. Also organizing and building such large scenography in our small studio in Italy was challenging, as was the desire to merge different techniques, such as the rotoscope, into one seamless video.”

The rotoscope he speaks of was used to create the looming shadows in the piece, essential to its eerie mood. They used oil paintings that then had to be integrated like real characters in the video where they interact with the puppet animation. The overall effect makes you wonder if the band actually created the song, or perhaps it was their shadows…

For more behind the scenes on the project, check out this video: