The concept was so elementary, it was either going to fall flat, or be rather elegant. Watch Kevin Parry’s “Hidden Patterns Inside Fruits and Vegetables” and you’ll see that he achieved the latter. “The basic concept is very simple!” Parry told us. “The concept was to take a few fruits and vegetables and see what I could do with a stratacut technique…Cut fruits and vegetables one very thin slice at a time.”

For the most part, Parry said, the process went smoothly. “The biggest challenge was to work out how I would rig up the fruit in order to line it up in the same spot every frame.” (This is exactly what we wondered the first time we watched the behind the scenes footage at the end). “I went through a few different systems during testing that included stabbing wire into the fruit or balancing it on a few points of an armature. But as in most situations, the best solution is often the easiest one.

“I ended up sitting the fruit within a small, clear shot glass. Because most of the fruits are spherical, they line up exactly by sitting in the mouth of the shot glass, and then I just needed to rotate the fruit back into position. Some of the heavier items like the watermelon and eggplant needed a little extra bit of patience, as their weight made it difficult to make small adjustments in their positions. Those took a long time of moving back and forth to line up each frame.”

The simplicity of the piece turns out to be just as mesmerizing as the simplicity of form in nature. Parry hashtags the piece, in part, as #OddlySatisfying and we can see why. The results of his careful work speak for themselves with a sort of clean perfection only mother nature can reveal.