“The concept for Brunch came about after several conversations with friends about generational divisions and the amusing perceptions around our age group,” Director Marnik Loysen told us. “For example, the Australian billionaire who claimed that millennials only couldn’t afford houses because they were spending their money on avocados.” If you find yourself chuckling at that comment, you will be straight up laughing (yes) out loud, by the end of this Aardman animator’s new pet project, Brunch.

“The more I considered this area for a short film,” he continued, “the more I realized that so many day-to-day topics related to it, including gender identity politics, Brexit, anxiety etc. It seemed like a really interesting idea to compile into a short film as I hadn’t seen it discussed in a really sarcastic way before. It was important that the film wasn’t going to preach or try to give an answer, just look at the state of the world in a comical way and make fun of everybody involved along the journey.”

Sarcasm and comedy are certainly both a big part of the success of this “Stop-Motion Short Film about Millennials,” as the title reads. In the film, “A young millennial just wants to eat his avocado on toast in peace.” If that subhead alone is not enough to hook you, the deadpan way this millennial’s morning unfolds will, as generational clashes and inner-millennial conflict comes crashing into a character who in fact does, at times, have the head of a special snowflake.

“The production happened during COVID lockdown times,” Loysen explained, “so we had lots of challenges but my amazing team overcame them wonderfully. Wherever possible everything was done remotely, with people only coming into the studio when absolutely necessary.

“For the most part that means it was just me in there alone! It was shot in a little warehouse studio at Estate of the Arts in Bristol through January and February of 2021 so was absolutely freezing throughout. I was on such a tight schedule though, and there’s nothing like speed-animation to warm the cockles of the heart.”

Brunch is now available via Short of the Week, both on their website and on YouTube.