Animator Kevin Parry was watching Netflix one day when he realized, “I can totally make an arts and crafts version of that intro.” Three days and 30 dollars later and his low budget Netflix intro was a thing—and a super cool thing at that!

“The concept for this animation was to recreate, frame-by-frame, the Netflix introduction in an arts-and-crafts style,” Parry told us. We first came across the piece in an Instagram post where Kevin explains how he glued together a bunch of cardboard “N”s and built a contraption that allowed him to string up the yarn and “fly it at the camera.”

“I primarily used yarn for this one because the source animation is mostly made up of these colorful threads that fly at the camera,” he explained when we spoke. “I set up a down-shooter camera, rigged the Netflix logo from below with a winder, and had the yarn threads strung between two pieces of board for easy manipulation. Because I was referencing an actual clip, I used Dragonframe’s media layer tool the entire time with a key on my keypad set to toggle the media layer on and off.”

When Netflix’s trademark sound logo (bum bummmmm) is played over the piece, the resemblance is uncanny. It’s almost exactly like the original, only a little more textured, more organic, and therefore more pleasingly warm somehow.

“The biggest challenge for this project was really just the time and patience aspect,” he commented. “It’s one thing to create and find your own performance frame-by-frame (very exciting) but when you’re replicating an existing clip you’re kind of on autopilot and have to force yourself to keep going. In other words, it’s extremely boring.”

We hear you, Kevin, and we’re really glad you did.

For more behind the scenes on the piece, see below for the full making-of video that originally caught our eye: