Dragonframe Tether

Dragonframe Tether (DF Tether) is a free app that allows you to use your iOS or Android device as a capture source in Dragonframe stop motion animation software.

Dragonframe 5 or newer is required for iOS or Android WiFi connectivity.

Dragonframe 4 is required for iOS USB connectivity.

  Dragonframe 3 Dragonframe 4 Dragonframe 5 or newer
iOS over WiFi YES
Android over WiFi YES
Support by Version

iOS 10.0+: Install Dragonframe Tether through the App Store on your device.

Android 7.0+ (ARM): Install Dragonframe Tether through the Google Play app store.


  1. Launch Dragonframe software on the computer.
  2. Create a new scene or open an existing scene.
  3. Launch the DF Tether app on your Android or iOS device.
  4. Press the app’s Help button and follow the instructions.

When you have followed the instructions, Dragonframe should detect the device and connect to it.

NOTE: Windows users with iOS devices must install iTunes. Please make sure you have the latest version, directly from Apple (not the Microsoft Store).

Once connected:

  • Dragonframe will show a video preview using the device’s camera. (Assuming you have a scene open, per instruction #3 above.)
    NOTE: The device’s screen will not show the video; it is only in Dragonframe.
  • You can control shutter speed, ISO, and white balance in Camera Settings in the Cinematography workspace. (White balance is only on iOS devices currently.)
  • Control focus in Dragonframe by pressing the crosshairs icon in Animation or Cinematography workspaces.
  • Capture JPG or DNG images directly to the computer. (DNG is only available on some iOS models.)

NOTE: Requires Dragonframe 4+ on a macOS, Windows, or Linux desktop system. Dragonframe is a separate purchase, and not included with this app.


If you are on Windows, and the iOS device appears in iTunes but does not appear in Dragonframe, try taking a photo on the device, disconnecting it, and reconnecting it. More suggestions can be found in this video.

If you are on Windows, and the iOS device does not appear in iTunes, but appears in the file explorer, you must change the driver. Look at this video, but choose the ‘Apple Mobile Device USB Driver’ instead of ‘MTP USB Device’.

If your computer detects the iOS device, and Dragonframe tries to connect to it, but it fails to talk to Dragonframe Tether, you can help us by sending log files. First, in Dragonframe, go to Preferences | Capture and set Camera Logging to High. Then try to connect to the iOS device again. If it fails, go to Help and choose Report an Issue… to send the machine’s log files to us. Then, on your iOS device, open the Help section in Dragonframe Tether and take a screenshot, then email it to [email protected].