You Could Sunbathe in this Storm by Alice Dunseath

A subtly salty and creamy technicolor musing on the nature of form as content. Perhaps we are all descended from sea monkeys from the great cretaceous freezer-burned ice cream era? One thing is not in question and that is that the multi-talented Dunseath has certainly earned her advanced degree in visual chemistry with this psychedelically philosophical graduation film for the Royal College of Art.

Alice worked as a third assistant director on Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and has since worked as a freelancer in the film and animation industry in London. In 2012, she ran an animation workshop in Freetown as part of SLIFF 2012 and helped set up the first Sierra Leonean International Film Festival. We can’t wait to see what emerges from the lab next!

Listen to the music here:
Music: Jake Chudnow
Cello: Lucy Railton
Voice: Tony Fish
Sound Design: Dan Larkin
Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld
Additional Animation: Luke George
Additional Animation: Tom O’Meara

blog by Vera Long