Starring both an engaging fox and delicious candy, Imbro’s, VENCHI – Pistacchio ad is hard not to find irresistible. Italian animator, Imbro, lays the advert’s main characters against a colorful set of columns and hillsides evocative of the Tuscan countryside. An Italian waltz scores the ad, completing a perfect setting for the Italian brand.

Imbro’s smooth transitions of warm, colorful set pieces that turn into delectable ingredients, are a testament to his technical skill. He successfully pairs their sprite movements with the fast pace and upbeat nature of the advert. Overall, the piece seems to encapsulate the essence of the Venchi brand, which originated in 1878 with Silviano Venchi. The 20-year-old from Turin loved chocolate so much he spent all his savings on two bronze cauldrons and began to experiment, first in his apartment, then in a small place on Via degli Artisti in Borgo Vanchiglia, Turin.

By featuring the Tuscan countryside, an engaging character, and mouthwatering candy, Imbro’s ad effectively communicates the brand’s heritage and quality and makes for a charming, visually appealing piece all around.