Finding Pictures’ The Visit tells the solemn story of a young girl who visits her father in prison. The sole, lonely visit and ensuing memories illuminate a story more complicated than it seems at first. What is clear is, however, is that the relationship the girl has with her father has been far from easy–especially now that he is behind the visitation glass. “The glass in-between would never separate them anyways,” reads the piece’s caption.

In narration and visual cues, such as the girl’s black and white striped shirt, we are told that the imprisonment is a shared experience for both of them. “I am stuck in a memory of us that is on repeat,” she says early on. The poignance of the story is reinforced with high-contrast lighting that reveals the woolen texture of the felted puppets in great detail, the subtle movements of the fibers rhythmically throughout.

The Visit was written and directed by Morrie Tan and was an official selection for multiple festivals and accolades, including winning Best Animation Film at the National Youth Film Awards (NYFA) and Best Short Film Content at the Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Written and Directed by Morrie Tan
Voiced by Judee Tan and Huang Jia Qiang

Produced by Jerrold Chong, Mark Wee and Morrie Tan
Lead Animator: Gloria Yeo
Animation: Jerrold Chong and Mark Wee
Production Design: Yanyun Chen, Gloria Yeo, Wong Shi Teng, Hana Lee
Puppets: Li Yihua
Costume Design: Loh Ke Hua
Storyboards: Roxann Gan and Sarah Cheok
Editor: Jia Lee
Music and Sound Design: Jevon Chandra
CGI by Robot Playground Media