We were just sent this beautiful music video directed by Sean Pecknold for the Fleet Foxes song “Mykonos”. Sean and his team spent four weeks animating cut paper on a glass multi-plane rig. The images flow so well with the track, quite cinematic! You may also know Sean as the filmmaking entity “Grandchildren”.

Here is a link to the film.

Here is a link to a fun making of “Mykonos” clip.

We asked Sean if he wanted to say something about using Dragon Stop Motion.

Sean – “Dragon was obviously made by animators. It is intuitive, and smooth and the cinematography mode is worth it alone.”

“Using a d90 with dragon setting up shots were so much easier than our previous set up. Being able to draw paths right on the screen and quickly hide and show was amazing. The interface is great, and being able to pause live view quickly with apple-j saved us the overheating that is common with the d90. It was worth every penny!”

Thanks Sean, – please keep us posted on your latest work.