Prologue shoots “Orphan” end titles with Dragon Stop Motion


Director Simon Clowes and Director of Photography, Daria Polichetti of Prologue teamed up to create these eye-catching end titles for the horror/thriller “Orphan”. The project was shot using Dragon Stop Motion with a Canon 5D Mark II.




Daria Polichetti tells us about the project:

The Orphan end credits, designed and directed by Prologue’s Simon Clowes, focus on the main character, Esther, a girl with a secret and a hidden past. But when the darkness falls, Esther’s personal obsessions and malicious intentions are finally revealed beneath the eerie shades of a blacklight.

Derived from the climactic blacklight sequence near the end of the movie (for which the VFX were also designed and produced by Prologue), the main on end sequence for Orphan uses the concept of blacklight photography to reveal credits and hidden imagery lurking just beneath the surface of the scene.

Using Dragon allowed for a great deal of control. The software allowed the team to shoot and edit frames accurately between the regular light the blacklight setup. Multiple channels can be programmed into the software for each take, which allowed the shooting of two light passes simultaneously in a single camera move, saving time in the painstaking process as well as allowing for seamless cuts between the two passes.

Click here to watch the titles on the Prologue site.


Designer / Director: Simon Clowes

Producer: Ryan Robertson

Director of Photography: Daria Polichetti

Coordinator: Lee Buckley

Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper