The Process by Salman Sajun

Salman Sajun shares with us:

“So this is how it’s done! The A-Z of creating a project with yours truly and my talented band of magicians. I wanted to show all the different steps involved in the creation process while adding an explosion of colour and wackiness to it all! And of course everything is shot in camera frame by frame with the magic of stop-motion!!”

Read on for a behind the scenes video and some great photos of the production…


Director and Visual Concept – Salman Sajun
Art Director – Sarah Ouellet
Lead Stop-Motion Animator – Anna Berezowsky
Paper Props Specialist – Pauline Loctin
Stop-Motion Animator – Laura Stewart
Stop-Motion Animator / Art Department – Raquel Sancinetti
Carpenter / Art Department – Filipp Goussev
Editor – Simon Huang
Sound Designer – Mattia Cellotto
Motion Control Equipment – Kessler Crane
Location – Nomad Nation

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Amun Levy