Directed by Anu-Laura Tuttleberg, “On the Other Side of the Woods” is the story of a little girl made of clay who awakens and brings everything she touches to life. The films aesthetic is special because of its unique use of materials for its sets and puppets. The textures are extremely satisfying to watch. Wet clay becomes hardened, pools of water evaporate and replenish, and light slides across every scene . Shot using only natural lighting, both time and the animators touch are very present throughout the piece. “On the Other Side of the Woods” is a great example of what is so special about stop motion. It is a true labor of love and an enchanting and thoughtful film.

On the set: Film team:
Director, scenographer, cinematographer: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Animator: Olga Bulgakova
Composer: Sander Põldsaar
Sound Designer: Horret Kuus

Blog by Natalie James