Darcy Prendergast and the team at Oh Yeah Wow never fail to lovingly marry irreverant fun with grueling hard work. Their latest film, an almost psychotropic music video for Australia’s Paper Kites, is no exception. This jolting twist on technique is sure to inspire many more mindbends in animation. Read on as Darcy shares a little technical word of mouth about the process.

Director Darcy Prendergast:

    Well, despite only taking a month to produce this one, we still feel it’s pretty special; made all the more easy with the aid of Dragonframe of course (godsend). It was animated over 7 days- with more than 350+ faces taking part in the project. It took around 2 weeks to edit , with 4 editors working night and day to get the lip sync perfect… Myself included. Interesting process regarding the data wrangling of the various phonemes we shot- we simply had a new take for every mouth shape (A,E,DST etc) which worked really well as a pipeline.

Thanks, Darcy. We can’t wait to face your next creation. -Dragonframe

This is the latest of his other gorgeous music video adventures for Wax Tailor, Gotye, and the sweepingly cinematic “Rippled” for All India Radio that was shortlisted for exhibition at the Guggenheim. We believe the correct term is ‘tour de force’.


DOP: Oli Sansom
Producers: Christina Remnant and Nicky Pastore
Production Assistant: Mohini Herse
Costume Design: Paige Prendergast
Animators: Sam Lewis and Darcy Prendergast
Editing: Mohini Herse, Sam Lewis, James Bailey and Darcy Prendergast
Marketing Managers: Kat Hanzalek and Nicky Pastore
Behind the Scenes Photography: Loris Chiapparo and Melissa Cowan
Special Thanks to: Josh Thomas, Leanne Lee, Andrew Goldsmith and Mama & Papa Prenda.

Blog written by Vera Long