Since 2013, Buenos Aires born singer, La Yegros, has recorded music that mixes Argentinean rhythms from the northern side of the country, with electronic beats. Now living in France, La Yegros published her third album this year: “Suelta” containing “Tenemos Voz” (We Have A Voice), a song about the place of women in modern society. The music video by Argentinian director Juan Manuel Costa shows the vibrant process of a the painting of a mural that tells the story of the strong woman in the song.

“’Tenemos Voz’ speaks of a female character that could be any woman of any city,” Costa told us. “She has a job, a routine, and the same problems of the daily life of any person…Before the danger that surrounds [her] manages to connect with her deepest side, empower her, and thus transform fear into strength. From this strength arises the awareness that in the face of any adversity there is a place, deep inside each and every one, on which they can rely, and this becomes a call to society to wake up to transform the reality in which we live.”

“The video was made,” he went on, “with an animation technique of murals, where we paint the images with latex on the walls and generate the illusion of moving painting again and again for each position.” The effect is as powerful and impactful as La Yegros’ music itself. But it didn’t come easy for the team at Costa’s El Birque studios.

“All [of] this work was a great challenge. We had little time to do it and we embarked on a new technique for us. We had never animated painting, let alone murals,” he said. “At the same time we did not have much pre-production time so we went experimenting and learning while doing it.

“Some small disadvantages of the technique were that you have to wait a while for the paint to dry in order to paint the next frame, and that the animation is done on the wall so it is animated without key positions, chronologically.” The result, though, is a piece that moves like the woman who’s life it covers, with all the flavor and color of the cultural traditions it evokes.


“Tenemos Voz” Written by La Yegros & Soom T Composed by La Yegros & Gabriel Kerpel
Recorded and produced at Stomba Studio Mixed by King Coya
Mastered by Andres Mayo

Music Video by:
Director: Juan Manuel Costa
Writers: Augustina Canale & Juan Manuel Costa
Art Direction: Anu Daltoe Naparstek
Storyboard: Agustin Tourino
Animation: Daniel Marin, Agustin Tourino & Anu Daltoe Naparstek
Production: El Birque