Not a lot of people look at the Hulu logo and think of a child hanging in peril from the U. Even fewer of us might think of that scene as a fun bit of excitement. But then again, most of us don’t get asked to create new branding idents for the streaming mogul like Victor Haegelin was.

“The brief was to play with the HULU ident,” Haegelin told us. “I had to fit with a cinema genre, so I chose “action movies” because that’s what I like! When I saw the HULU logo I immediately thought that if I turned upside down the U it would make a tunnel, then I thought it could be fun to make an action chase inside that tunnel.”

Turns out, that upside-down-u-tunnel made for some pretty awesome action, complete with so many of the things we love about high-speed chases like explosions, swinging axes, and flying missiles–which are, of course, being surfed by Hagelin’s young action-figure, Vera. Apparently, the original concept was even more over the top: “At the beginning I even imagined there would be a helicopter crash inside!” said Hagelin. “But I had to lower my ambition because of the size of the set and the length of the film.”

In addition to the restrictions of such a short timeline, Haegelin singled out the size of the set and the camera moves as the other top challenge on the project. “I decided to lock the camera and to push the tunnel towards the background so it would look like a backward travelling. Each tunnel segment was 20cm and we had only room for 7 segments on my table.”

At the end Vera is running for a whole 7 meters, prompting him to name the piece, Run Vera, Run! “Also,” he added, “I decided to rotate the camera at the end to reverse the gravity, because it was easier than rotating the full tunnel!”

For more on the making-of this fleeting Hulu thrill ride, check out the bts footage below: