A warm Christmas scene, George Harrison, an iPhone and Dragonframe—what else does one need for a compelling moment? According to Apple, add in one talented animator and you’ve got the secret sauce.

In their recent ad, Fuzzy Feelings, Apple asks animator Anna Mantzaris to have a go at using the new iPhone 15 to help them create a commercial that combines live action and stop motion segments for The Holidays.

“Creativity has the power to change the way we see each other, and the world. Sometimes, seeing things through a new lens can make all the difference,” the ad’s caption reads on Youtube.

Harnessing this new lens, Mantzaris seamlessly integrates the phone-as-camera into her usual setup of a MacBook running Dragonframe to make holiday magic and, according to the BTS (below), really enjoys herself in the process.

“This was the first time shooting on an iPhone,” she says, “and it’s been really interesting to see what it could do!

“I was very happily surprised that it could actually shoot in 48 mega pixels and it would shoot RAW files. It’s important to have because you want to capture all of the details of the sets, and it’s quite cool that it’s possible on your phone.

“I really hope people see our characters and our story and that they also get inspired to try things out for themselves.” We can’t argue with you there, Anna!

To see Anna, her iPhone and Dragonframe in action, check out the bts video below: