Fendi Jungle Futurism by Dario Imbrogno

Hurling little paper creatures through the jungle does not immediately bring to mind high fashion accessories. But when those little guys land on purses and become charms that actually become accessories to the accessory, it’s quite clear why this was the call for a recent ad for the Fendi Jungle Collection.

High fashion stop motion ads continue to trend and Fendi Futurism by Italian animator Dario Imbrogno, is our latest pick. The commercial features a big and rich paper set against painted backgrounds inspired by three famous paintings by Italian painter, Giacomo Balla. Partly due to high contrast lighting and bright shapes and colors, the ad has an almost cartoon-like feel.

We spoke with Imbrogno about this and he told us, “I wanted to be able to animate the characters in large scale dynamics, to give the illusion that we were in a real jungle set.” He agreed that, “The look of the spot is (that of a) cartoon, which is not common in this kind of commercial.”

The finished product pops with kinesthetic color. But the road to get there wasn’t always easy, according to Imbrogno. “The real problems came out when I decided to change the backgrounds in the Balla paintings without a camera cut but using a long take. The morphing effects you see required a lot of time and work because in this video everything is a real object on stage, there are no digital effects.”

A master of the controlled situation (like most animators) Imbrogno said he preferred to control everything during the shooting time, saying, “Now it’s possible, thanks to Dragonframe…It’s a bit crazy to change real objects during the morphing. I know. But I really love the result.”

So do we Dario, thanks for giving us an inside look! For a further look inside the process, check out the behind-the-scenes images below: