NOTE: The Volo is no longer available for sale. Please inquire at General Lift about similar camera cranes.

With the release of Dragonframe 3.0 in November 2011, DZED Systems advanced the possibilites of motion control for stop motion software. By integrating a multi-axis, bezier spline keyframe interface directly within the software, Dragonframe 3.0 changed the way moves are set up, tested, and controlled during animation.

With Dragonframe in charge of the motion control rig, it is able to move the camera into the correct position for each frame automatically. If the animator has to delete a frame, Dragonframe can move the rig back. If you are shooting stereoscopic 3D, Dragonframe can move the camera on a 3D slider to take the left and right eye pictures. The end result is seamless process that is easier and less prone to error.

Arc Motion Control

Jamie Caliri, the Creative Director here at DZED Systems, has started a new company called Arc Motion Control, that is focused on creating motion control hardware for stop motion animation. Their flagship product is the Volo, a motion control crane designed as a workhorse moco system for stop motion studios. It’s easily rolled from stage to stage and has an excellent reach for a small footprint. The Volo was recently used to shoot The Shins’ stop motion video The Rifles Spiral.

Other Products from ARC include the PTR-B, a compact pan, tilt and roll head and the Octodrive, an eight channel, rack-mount motor driver.

We will keep you posted on the exciting developments from Dragonframe and Arc Motion Control.