Dolls Don’t Cry/Toutes les Poupées ne Pleurent Pas is an award winning short by Frédérick Tremblay, out of Quebec. The piece is a quiet journey into the world of a man and woman producing an animated film together. He animates by day, she makes and repairs the accessories at night.

Paced with the same patient tempo of a stop motion production itself, the piece is noticeably devoid of music. Instead, heightened ambient sounds of the puppet’s movements are seemingly amplified by the thoughtfulness of the couple’s work—the result is somehow a juxtaposition of a silent ruckus. Another stark contrast comes in the form of the occasional high gloss vs matte paint on various highlighted objects, like a doll’s patent leather shoes, which create focal points as you move through the piece.

Slow to build its inevitable intensity, Dolls Don’t Cry is worth the patience it requires. In its own way, and without riveting plot or any dialogue at all, the piece remains gripping and adept at keeping you engrossed in the quiet screen throughout its 20 minute duration.