Stefano Colferai’s “Bally Animals” is a piece made for the Swiss fashion brand’s social media and web campaigns. According to Colferai, it is aimed at reminding the viewer of “The iconic hip-hop 90s culture in New Orleans, where the Bally shoes were a high point of reference for Rappers and DJs.”

We asked Colferi about his process and he explained that after first sculpting the assets like the nostalgic boom box and red Bally Bull here, he moves on without much storyboarding. He does, however, do some initial testing to glean the right way to get the unpolished look of his pieces.

“Generally,” Colferi told us, “I do not program a lot with storyboards, but I make some animatic tests to understand how to develop the animation and this helps me with positioning and timing. I like to keep a frame rate from 8 to 12 because I want to show somehow the imperfection of the material and that unique sense of warmth and imperfection of stop motion.”

That tendency towards a more “raw” look continues into post: “ I conclude the process with post-production removing supports and imperfection excess.” The finished look is definitely fun to watch as he pulls off a brake-dancing bull that still feels street even though, as the piece reflects, it was recently just a ball of red clay.