1/100 Shibuya Crossing by Terada Mokei

Not a single matchbook cover in Japan survived their merciless patience. Head of the firm at Terada Mokei, Naoki Terada, a self proclaimed “architect, designer, modeler, and culinary specialist” might give J.R.R. Tolkien a run for his money in the universe-creation business. 1/100 is apparently the preferred scale for creating architectural models, but with models like these who would bother building buildings? Creator Naoki explains, “The ‘Architectural Model Accessories Sets’ which originally triggered the establishment of Terada Mokei were originally created to make life easier for myself at the office. In other words, it allowed me to be lazy‚Ķ” Perhaps the one sense of scale of his that might need to be adjusted. Bravo!

Blog written by Vera Long