Canon offers a Stop Motion Animation Firmware addon for EOS R, EOS RP, R5, R8, R100, and EOS R6 Mark II cameras. You must purchase a camera with the special firmware, or send your camera in to get it updated. It is a paid offering. (The models that are available may vary by region.)

Here is an overview of the features it provides, and the support in each version of Dragonframe:

FeatureDragonframe 4Dragonframe 5 or newer
Supported CamerasR/RPR/RP/R8/R100/R6 Mark II
HD Live View (1920 x 1280)YESYES
Focus PeakingYESYES
Aperture Lock---YES
Focus Programming---YES

HD Live View: The live view (video assist) is doubled from 960×640 to 1920×1280.

Focus Peaking: The camera shows which parts of the image are in focus with bright colored pixels. You must use an RF lens and set it to ‘MF’.

Aperture Lock: The camera keeps the lens closed during video assist and while capturing photos. This prevents potential flicker from the aperture opening and closing repeatedly. Requires an RF lens and Dragonframe 5 or newer. The feature is always on in Dragonframe 5. You can verify by choosing a fairly closed aperture, like f/22, and looking into the lens. Verify that it is closed during live view. Then verify that when you take a picture it does not open and close.

Focus Programming: This also requires an RF lens and Dragonframe 5 or newer. Dragonframe can program the focus if you create an axis in ARC and set the Connection to ‘Digital Focus’. This feature does not work on a shot that also zooms. Changing the zoom affects the focus range. Prime lenses are best for this feature. Or set the lens to the desired zoom for the shot, and turn the camera off and on.

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