On Air by Dadomani

Dadomani is back with yet another incredibly detailed and dynamic piece. This time in the form of a title sequence for the movie "On Air: Storia di un Successo", a film about Italian DJ Marco Mazzoli.

D&AD Awards by Picturesmith

Picturesmith kills the paper-craft game with this series of shorts for the highly esteemed annual D&AD Awards. All simple and highly conceptual, Picturesmith works with a limited palette to create an array of quirky shorts. In addition to paper shapes jumping, disappearing and morphing, human hands are included in the storyline to add a personal connection to the event. Who knows, maybe next year it will be your hand receiving one of the magnificent Pencil awards! Make sure to click through for additional clips and a making-of video!

Popcorn Attack by Kamila i Mirek Sosnowscy

This spot for an animation film festival in Bydgoszcz is fun and clever. Little toy army men wage war with popcorn kernels until the movie begins to play and peace reigns over the land. It’s short and sweet in more ways than one. Full of little surprises and giant octopus monsters, it’s a delightful little stop motion gem.

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